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Good News from Anne

April 24, 2020 Dear Lay apostles and Friends,  Many thanks for your answer to the current printing needs. Our collective response was enough to immediately send Volumes Six and Seven to reprint. God bless you for your yes answers!  Fr. Darragh will be in touch next week with a full update on the amount raised […]

A Letter from Anne

by Apostle of The Returning King

As followers of Christ, we are well prepared for whatever comes our way. Each life is a series of moments, one after the next, and then we will find ourselves with Jesus. Will we immediately and fully resonate with Heaven?

A Good Friday Reflection

by Apostle of The Returning King

May Jesus bring you close to Himself on Good Friday.

Today we contemplate his death. He suffered for each of us and also for all those we love. Because we often tend to view ourselves in a harsh and negative light, we might take some time to examine how Jesus views us.

Palm Sunday Letter From Anne

by Apostle of The Returning King

During this week, especially, we cannot help but think of our clergy. Clearly, their experience of Holy Week will be different this year. Liturgically, Jesus Christ has begun the painful trek to his death. Each priest, in some way, shares that journey this week. As shepherds mostly separated from their flocks, they, like the rest of us, must focus ever more intently on the mission of our Church and their role in it.

Why does God allow suffering?

by Apostle of The Returning King

This question must be examined through the lens of God’s primary goal for humanity. God wants us to learn to love during our human experience. He wants us to learn to love as he loves, with connection, attachment, and commitment.

Reflection from Anne

by Apostle of The Returning King

Greetings of love and hope to you. We are working quietly and steadily here to serve the Apostolate and also ship our beautiful cross, which we all love passionately. No doubt each of us is facing our own challenges at this time, but not alone. Jesus is with us and teaches so much in moments of uncertainty. 

Is it right to have a favorite?

by Apostle of The Returning King

by an apostle of the Returning King      I used to wish God would be a little more specific when I needed advice or guidance. I used to think (sourly) that maybe if God would TELL me what to do and how to do it, I would have no problem getting the job done. […]

A Way of Being Together

by Apostle of The Returning King

by Annie Clarke (ARK)      When people sing in a choir together, amazing things happen. Each individual becomes part of a unified whole with a common passion and goal, raising and blending their voices in a harmony bigger than one could accomplish alone, and bringing joy and pleasure to the listener as well as […]

Help us help Jesus

by Andrew Shaw

If you are searching for immediate help with life’s most important questions like Divorce, Depression, Suicide, PTSD, Financial Need, Addiction, Abortion, Separation from God, Death, Salvation and similar time sensitive and difficult topics please click this link. CAMPAIGN FOR SOULS Help us help Jesus! The greatest thing you can do with your life is help another person get closer to […]