After reading the Heaven Speaks to Prisoners booklet, inmates often write requesting more materials. In response to the sizable amount of mail and material requests, Pam started the ‘Adopt a Prisoner’ Heaven Speaks Program where each prisoner receives three booklets in the mail each month over the course of seven months. After they receive the last booklet, prisoners often reach out asking for even more resources. Pam then puts them on the ‘Adopt a Prisoner’ Volumes Program, where they are then sent the complete set of The Volumes over the course of many months.

The cost to sponsor one prisoner is $80.00. this covers the cost of postage, packaging, and the Heaven Speaks Booklets/Volumes. Please consider adopting a prisoner so we can get these writings into the hands of another person today!

All the work being done for this ministry is purely on a volunteer basis. our entire budget goes directly towards providing these essential resources to prisoners. only through divine Providence, your prayers, and your generous contributions is this ministry possible. Please consider Adopting a Prisoner or contributing to the printing of the calendar (our most requested item), the Heaven Speaks booklets, the Volumes, and the cost of postage. Any amount is appreciated.

If you would like to partake in the Adopt a Prisoner program, get in touch by email: or call us: 708 496 9300. 

A prisoner will receive 20 Heaven Speaks booklets as well as Thoughtful Men and Women of God booklet when you donate to the Adopt a Prisoner Program!