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Anne Talks about the Eucharist

Anne is encouraging all of us in the Apostolate to direct our focus and attention on the presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  “We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from our personal relationship with Jesus Christ by any current events. On the contrary, if there are events that we find distressing around us, we should […]

Join Us on the Radio

Update: June 29th, 2020. The Backpack Radio Program taped the last episode today, but you can still catch all 21 Episodes by clicking here.    Dear Apostles of the Returning King and Friends,      We’re on the radio! Every Monday, Anne, Margaret McGahon, MSc, MIAHIP, and Fr. Darragh Connolly host an hour long podcast […]

A New Video from Anne

Dear Apostles of the Returning King and Friends, We as apostles of the Returning King are blessed to have such rich teachings from Heaven in the Volumes. Are you reading one? Do you have one on your night stand, bedside table? It is so good to be continually fed by the writings. I strongly encourage […]

Important New Writing from Anne

Dear Apostles of the Returning King and Friends,  Below you will find what I feel is an important document.  Reflections on Mary is the fruit of Anne’s latest contemplation. I feel it is a great gift to us in understanding Mary, as our mother, but also Mary as the highest example for us after Jesus Christ.  […]

A Remedy for Sadness

April 30, 2020 August 8, 2005 Jesus I send the greatest graces of courage to all who read these words. My children in the world can become discouraged and sad. Dearest little ones, if you are this way, you must come to me and rest your worries in my heart. I do not like to […]

Is God commissioning you for a special project?

April 30, 2020 Dear Lay Apostles and Friends,  I pray that your thoughts are hopeful and inspired. At the very least, I pray that you feel confident about God’s providence and his plan for good things in your life.  To best use the graces God has given us, we are now sending around the full […]

Good News from Anne

April 24, 2020 Dear Lay apostles and Friends,  Many thanks for your answer to the current printing needs. Our collective response was enough to immediately send Volumes Six and Seven to reprint. God bless you for your yes answers!  Fr. Darragh will be in touch next week with a full update on the amount raised […]

A Letter from Anne

by Apostle of The Returning King

As followers of Christ, we are well prepared for whatever comes our way. Each life is a series of moments, one after the next, and then we will find ourselves with Jesus. Will we immediately and fully resonate with Heaven?

A Good Friday Reflection

by Apostle of The Returning King

May Jesus bring you close to Himself on Good Friday.

Today we contemplate his death. He suffered for each of us and also for all those we love. Because we often tend to view ourselves in a harsh and negative light, we might take some time to examine how Jesus views us.