4 minute after Mass talk by Anne on being present for others as Christ would.

April 30, 2020

Dear Lay Apostles and Friends, 

I pray that your thoughts are hopeful and inspired. At the very least, I pray that you feel confident about God’s providence and his plan for good things in your life. 

To best use the graces God has given us, we are now sending around the full text of the Depression booklet. At the top it will ask that you share with as many people as possible and it will be called A Remedy for Sadness. If we all forward it widely, it will help others. Also, it is a good thing to read and become familiar with the concepts so that we can readily assist those with whom we come in contact.

My friends, on another note, I believe it is time that we all begin to pray in earnest for a Faith Formation Center here at The Soul Sanctuary. We are charged, as an Apostolate, with bringing about a contemporary place to develop and spread Catholic thought and thinking. We know this. A formation center here will be informed by the past but it will be squarely facing the future. Some Catholic initiatives, like the Notre Dame Cathedral, took many years to create. Those working on it knew that they were being asked to establish something for the future, such was the scope of the goal. We do not require a Cathedral, but we do need to collaborate with God to help preserve Catholic thought and further develop Catholic thinking for the time coming.

Recently a lay apostle noted, ‘If you are a praying person during this time you’re just getting on with life and trying to be as holy as you can.’ 

Precisely. We look different during these times. We think differently.

Who is teaching this different thinking to young people in a way that draws them and also helps them to cope with worrying developments both present and emerging? As you know, our program, The Way, is not happening this year, despite the list of young people waiting. We are getting as many online formation programs launched as possible. Additionally, we feel that as a small team, we can only begin The Way again when we have a building with classrooms and a prayer space here at our home. Once we have a campus, we can bring more lay apostles and friends to help us form and teach as many as possible. 

I am asking that each of us prayerfully consider this question. “Is God asking me to help build a Faith Formation Center for this Apostolate?”  

I pray that God will prompt the person or persons called to take this on for Heaven. I pray that this person or persons will then help us to assemble a team so that we can proceed. Perhaps you would like to help construct this in memory of a loved one?

Please ask God to show you if you have a role to play, whatever it may be. Because we are a small team, we do not overly worry. We serve God by serving you and your family and by protecting the writings and graces given to us for this time. We serve God by remaining fully anchored in our Catholic Church and offering from within its safe pasture. Join us in prayer for this intention, please. We are confident that someone is called to help with this goal.

This is not a fundraising letter. It is an appeal for discernment from everyone reading this letter. Please forward it to anyone you believe could possibly have a role to play. 

God bless you, my friends. We are so energised by the scope of what is happening right now, during this quarantine, with those of us who have been assembled over the years. It truly feels that we have never been closer or more unified. 

All my love, 

Anne, apostle of the Returning King

Why do I recommend The Backpack? Because its contents and teachings are the future. Education needs this. Teachers need this. Parishes and communities need this. Individuals, too. (James, psychotherapist, age 30).

 “It is so good to know that we have the choice to change our perspective in every moment. The AFF Training has made a profound difference in the way I view everything. I feel I have badly needed knowledge and tools and that I can now choose to respond better to people and events in each day”  (Marie age 60).