April 3rd, 2020

A Lenten Reflection from Anne, ARK

April, 1, 2020

In the Catholic Church there seems to exist a separation between practicing Catholics and non-practicing Catholics. There also exists a further apparent divide between persons Catholic and those of other faiths or none. Yet, each person possesses an unrepeatable relationship with Jesus Christ, in the Eucharist. 

As the universal representative of God, the Catholic Church must develop an expanded vision which includes every person on Earth as being in unique relationship with the Eucharist. Surely, the force of love in the Eucharist goes out to each person on Earth, therefore, each person should become aware of this, whether or not they can understand it fully without formation. Each should be offered the truth. 

For this large goal to be accomplished, we, those who practice our faith, should consider expansion by degrees, first in our hearts, then, in our actions. Perhaps we can start by taking the concept into our minds. 

Christ, truly present as human and divine Savior, came to save all mankind. His intention is to radiate that goal out, pulsating a constant force of love from each Tabernacle. No walls, no fences, no mistaken beliefs, can change that reality. That remains his ever-present goal. Therefore, each wall, fence, or mistaken belief is a mirage, an apparent horizon. ‘The end of God’s mercy is there. No, it is there. For certain, it is over there.’ 

All are constructs which emerge from the minds of man. In truth, God goes to great pains to show us that his mercy is without limits. Do we then go to great pains to preach limitless mercy, all the while holding nails in our mouths which we use to construct new walls? 

Jesus Christ craves relationship with each person on Earth. Jesus Christ is truly present in the Eucharist. Jesus Christ in the Eucharist hopes that we will each do our part to establish a path from the Eucharist out to every person on Earth. 

Our job is to take this reality fully into our minds, then, set about studying people to determine how to best illuminate for them the reality of their relationship to the Eucharist. The premise to begin with is that there are no walls or fences in the mind of God and that every horizon of mercy is an apparent horizon. The extent of God’s mercy will always be beyond any horizon identifiable to man. 

I strongly encourage you to watch Anne’s talk entitled ‘Breaking the ‘Spell’ of Modern Life’ just recorded. 

In this talk Anne has many important insights to share with ARKs around the world who are letting us know these days how much they have been prepared and formed by the Volumes all these years.

God bless,

Fr. Darragh Connolly