April 17th, 2019

Dear Lay Apostles and friends, 

May God find you peaceful and thoughtful in these days. 

As followers of Christ, we are well prepared for whatever comes our way. Each life is a series of moments, one after the next, and then we will find ourselves with Jesus. Will we immediately and fully resonate with Heaven? That depends on how we choose to experience our moments. We can make a choice right now to transcend any worries today and simply follow Christ as best we can. That means we will try to hold a position of love and compassion toward ourselves and others, imperfectly, yes.

My friends, do not look for stimulation that prompts fear. If you want to know what will happen, I will tell you. We will serve here on Earth for a time, after which Jesus will come for us. Then we will begin to continue our existence in Heaven, as long as we are humble and sorry for any sins we chose to commit on Earth. If we desire Heaven then that is a sign, by itself, that we are disposed properly and safely.

Dearest friends, be confident about God’s care for you and spread that confidence and trust. Spread love and acceptance of all of God’s children. Truly, Heaven is beautiful but life is beautiful, too, as long as we choose to love. 

I prayed for all of us today at Our Lady’s shrine here at our Soul Sanctuary. Thus, you are here with us, and connected to the graces of this Apostolate very intimately. 

With love, 

apostle of the Returning King

“You will have the power that is Heaven propelling my ways throughout your world. I have selected you and placed you right where you are so that you would be available to bring me where I need to go. Prepare your heart, my beloved servant. I am coming. I will scatter the darkness with one wave of my arm. Evil will cower in vain, as I see all. There will be no more hiding behind the guise of goodness. Now in all joy, in all gratitude, prepare your heart to receive me”

Jesus the King, January 15th, 2004. Volume Four