April 24, 2020

Dear Lay apostles and Friends, 

Many thanks for your answer to the current printing needs. Our collective response was enough to immediately send Volumes Six and Seven to reprint. God bless you for your yes answers! 

Fr. Darragh will be in touch next week with a full update on the amount raised and the new goal for Heaven Speaks booklets. Since we have reached a bit beyond our initial target for printing the two Volumes, we are now putting the residual funds toward reprinting the Heaven Speaks to Those Considering Suicide booklet which is in high demand.

Heaven has given us sublime graces and answers with which to help people. Because the issue of suicide keeps coming up at this moment, I thought we would send a separate email with the full text of that booklet. Nothing else. Perhaps if we each forward it on, with a simple caption like ‘if you know anyone struggling, pass this on’, we can get it where it needs to go quickly. There will be an option to print it at the bottom.

In the meantime, we will keep at the fundraising until we have the full amount to reprint that booklet, along with the Heaven Speaks About Abortion booklet, which is also in high demand. 

These printing needs are obviously ongoing. The better we spread, the more we need to print, but also, the more people helping in our efforts. It’s a lovely game of spread the heavenly thinking! 

My friends, we are truly blessed to know God as we know him. This journey, for many of us, began years ago. Consequently, changing times for us simply mean changing strategies to assist others. We ourselves are confident about God’s love for us. We know God helps us to grow and develop. The Apostolate, too, grows and develops and, most crucially, serves. Our service to the Church includes becoming personally holier and then using our conviction to bring the Good News further out again. 

We have never felt the burden of our international work because we have always known that our individual roles are small. We know that if we do our part each day, others will play their parts, too. Together, we advance to the place God has designated for us in our Catholic Church.

“Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul” (Acts 4:32). 

Truly, we feel united to you here at The Soul Sanctuary. Please send us your intentions and I, myself will place a stone for you in the intention bowl at our Lourdes grotto. We feel that the Soul Sanctuary is a place where our intentions are welcomed by Heaven. We ask God to protect and bless you all without cease here. 

Love and grateful prayers,

Anne, apostle of the Returning King