As many of you may already be aware, we have changed our Apostolate Newsletter Subscription from four single issues quarterly, to two double issues biannually. These two double issues are sent out in May and November of each year. Additionally, we are delighted to announce, for the first time, you can subscribe to receive a free digital copy of all upcoming issues of our ARK Newsletter by clicking here

We understand that many Apostles of the Returning King prefer print (we do too!), so we are also offering a recurring printed Newsletter subscription. We want to make the cost affordable for everyone, and so the subscription cost per double issue is just $10. For those wishing to receive our printed copy, this recurring charge of $10 will happen automatically twice a year. All November – April charges will receive the May issue, and all May – October charges receive the November issue. As an example, if you sign up on June 25th, your card will be charged on that date, and again around December 25th. So if you sign up today, you will be charged today, and charged again on October 17th. 

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