March 27th, 2020

A Lenten Reflection from Anne, ARK

This question must be examined through the lens of God’s primary goal for humanity. God wants us to learn to love during our human experience. He wants us to learn to love as he loves, with connection, attachment, and commitment. Those three elements were part of the Lord’s relationship with his mother, Mary. He was connected, attached and committed to Mary and he remained faithful to that human bond, even as he gave way to the higher plan of the Father, the sacrifice of his life, which included human separation from Mary.

A connection to God insures that we will love each other at the highest level of divine function. What is our relationship with someone meant to acquire for the Kingdom of God? If we remain connected to God, we can accurately discern that question with regard to each relationship.

How does one remain connected with God? Through silence, through prayer, through humility and listening and through connecting with God, perhaps in nature, even if it is only the sliver of sky through a prison or hospital window. Many of us have caught a needed glimpse of God in moments of acute suffering through a tree or flower or a bird or even an image of such. Why do we react to the ocean or the sky or the trees blowing wildly? Because if we are honest, we understand that like those things, we are also created by someone more powerful. We know that our Father, and the force of his love which animates us, arranged for the sun and moon and the protective atmosphere around our planet. 

Truly, one can rest back on one’s sick bed or drop back down into one’s routine, reassured, after being reminded of the power of God in the setting or rising of the sun outside. ‘Yes,’ we can say, “God is very much bigger than I and needs no help from me to maintain order in the solar system.’

Perhaps then, God allows suffering so that the manic spell of contemporary life can be broken for a time. Perhaps the pace of modern life disconnects us from our humanity and disables us from true connection, attachment and commitment. Perhaps love is the most important thing and one suffering is sent to draw us out of a more dangerous suffering. Perhaps that is why God allows suffering.  

We must apply ourselves fully to any suffering exercise that comes our way.


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