March 25th, 2020

Dear Apostles of the Returning King and Friends, 

Greetings of love and hope to you. We are working quietly and steadily here to serve the Apostolate and also ship our beautiful cross, which we all love passionately. No doubt each of us is facing our own challenges at this time, but not alone. Jesus is with us and teaches so much in moments of uncertainty. 

What can we be certain about? 

My friends, we can be certain that Jesus, himself, is in each moment of every one of these days. We can be certain, that Our Lady, the Queen of the Church, tends to God’s children in the world with interest and care. When we look back through the Volumes, we acknowledge that Heaven took pains to present us with preparation for unexpected circumstances. Praise the Lord. May he be glorified in every one of us as we spread peace and calm and confidence in God’s providence. We have been given a life to live in joy, regardless of how times change and alter.  

We are preparing to film a talk, which I pray will be helpful. Would you like to send us any questions? If you do, I will do my best to respond to them. God bless you all. Please know that I asked the Lord today to look in on each of us and grant us a grace of discernment about how we should conduct ourself. Do dip into the Volumes each day because the grace is there for this time.

Please take the time to read Father Darragh’s letter below and let’s make sure we are doing our best to care for the Lord’s interests in this Apostolate. Ask yourself this question. Has the Apostolate helped me? If the answer is yes, please help us to secure it for this time and for the future. 

With all my love, 

Anne, ARK

Dear Apostles of the Returning King and Friends,

Many changes are occurring in the world right now. However, we as Apostles of the Returning King have been prepared for these times. Christ has been preparing us for 17 years since we first received Volume One.

I was reading Volume Five recently and in it Jesus gives us very clear direction as to how we as ARKs are meant to be these days.

Here are words from Jesus in Volume Five:

Dear soul, conduct yourself with dignity. Be calm and recollected. Be thoughtful in everything and make decisions prayerfully, always seeking My counsel. I do not want My followers to be overly excited. I do not want My followers to spread bad news in order to incite hysteria. There are changes coming, yes, but these changes are necessary and I am always looking out for the best possible environment for your soul to develop the greatest degree of holiness. I will see to every situation that you give Me control over. Be in the habit of constantly giving Me your concerns and this habit will be then so ingrained that during difficult times, the practice will come naturally.

Volume Five, May 11, 2004, Jesus

I feel compelled to share with you some words which a lay apostle wrote to me recently. She said:

I cannot express deeply enough my gratitude to Jesus for His amazing generosity in choosing Anne to be His messenger, and Anne’s courage and faith in accepting His invitation.

The movements in these messages have impacted on my life in such a beautifully profound way.

It has been such great preparation for the times we are beginning to live now, and I am standing with my face to the ‘Son’, offering myself as a little light to be used in any way He needs, and praying for the wisdom and the tenacity to accept any invitation or hardship that may be asked of me.

Pauline, Australia

These are such beautiful words from an apostle who has been blessed. We all thank God for everyone who has helped to maintain our presence in the Church over the years, through all types of support and service. Our work is just beginning now, as we gear up to maintain full support to people during this period. We have clear instructions and we intend to keep moving forward. 

None of you will be surprised when I tell you that we are doing great in every area and that we need financial support as much as ever.

We recently had to move our whole stock from one city to another because of the printer’s business issues. I rented a truck and went to the warehouse with a few willing apostles to move them. (Through a miraculous grace, we were given access. Most customers were not as fortunate.) With the books safe and the truck still rented, I went to get a marble basin for our outdoor stone petition system. I literally prayed to Jesus the whole way because I had to transfer almost every penny from our account to purchase the marble basin. As I bounced along in the truck, telling the Lord about our problem with wages, the phone rang. A lay apostle from the US on the other end reported that she was on her way to the bank because she felt prompted to arrange a donation. Regardless of how many times I encounter God’s providence, I’m always delighted by it. 

To be clear, that was this past week’s wages.

My friends, we are busier than ever before and we are working hard. Please help us financially if you can and be assured that your donation will assist us in keeping books printed and our small team working. That way, many more people can receive the consolation of the Lord he is so eager to give them, now, when they need it so badly.

I am keenly aware that these times we are heading into are lean times for many businesses. Like us, it means a whole lot of trust. But please remember the Apostolate of the Returning King in your giving. Pray. And see if the Lord prompts you like the ARK I mentioned above. 

Fr. Darragh Connolly
The Apostolate of the Returning King