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Three New Visions
September 2023

Eleven Locutions from Jesus and Mary

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February 14, 2023 (2)
Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen of the Church

Can you see that Heaven is asking you to proceed in a special, very specific manner? When you read these words, do you feel the graces I send with them? I have obtained these graces from God especially for this time. I am willing to work with every person in a direct way if they are willing to work with me, under my leadership, in this period of great change and great grace. What am I asking you to do? 

If you are part of my son’s Church, of which I am Queen, or if you have ever in the past been part of our Church, can you find a place where my son is present in the Tabernacle and sit with him? If there is no Tabernacle near you, perhaps you could establish one with the permission of your bishop and with the proper preparation. You see, there is a terrible plague of loneliness in the world at this time. This loneliness is not the same as isolation. Many who experience solitude do not experience loneliness. But many of my children are connected to a false world which holds their attention and prevents them from giving and receiving love. Some are corrupted by this false world in a dark, damaging way. Others are brought into a state of sadness which binds them. Yes, my children are bound by thoughts, images, and conversations that have little to do with their own experience of time in this life and what God hopes for them. They are influenced by others who have no hope for them personally and who are using them for selfish purposes. They are estranged from the people who do have hopes for them and also love for them. Love, thus, can no longer grow or flourish. God does not excite these people because they have been hypnotized into the belief that they are like God, with all knowledge available to them. My dear, dear children, only those who contemplate God understand the mysteries of true science and the benefits of development in the world. Many problems of the past are gone now because people studied Jesus Christ and then followed his example of love by serving others. There is a great deal to rejoice about in the world at this time in the way of advances and successful efforts to relieve suffering. But can you say the study of love is what has hypnotized so much of humanity? Sadly, it is not. If it were, people would not be lonely. Service to others eliminates loneliness. 

If my children want to help me, they will come before a Tabernacle. I will be there, thanking my son Jesus for his sacrifice and asking for graces for you. If you come, I will be waiting for you and I will help you come to know and understand Jesus and realize his plan for you, which always includes healing. I make this promise to you today and I will keep my promise personally to every one of my children who sits before my son Jesus, who is fully, truly present in the Eucharist. Those who follow this practice understand the soft and sweet benefits of spending time with my son in the Eucharist. You will never be alone in life. The greatest mystery of life is the presence of God in it, for every single person on Earth.  

Eleven Locutions from Jesus and Mary

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February 14, 2023 (1)
Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen of the Church

Unity in our Church is essential for the protection and preservation of the Eucharist. There are people who believe they can break away from our established seat of authority and begin another Church, even though they understand what is at stake through such an action. They believe, for one reason or another, that they have the most accurate vision of where our Church should go in the future and what experience it should offer for God’s children. There are always, in every time, those who are tempted this way. However, in order to remain anointed by God and blessed by God, their actions must be taken in union, if not full agreement, under the chair of Peter. Again I stress, their feelings are not new, their conclusions not unique to them. Even in the earliest days divisions erupted. I did not fear each new division. I simply directed back towards union, even when harmony appeared to be elusive. 

The place to work for renewal is from within the authority of the Church. I look intently upon each group that believes it must take the Church away from the rightful authority to protect it. God protects his Church on Earth. Humanity will continue to attempt to discern the will of God against the movements of the time, and there will always be tensions. This is what I want to say most clearly. God most assuredly does lead the Church in this time and in every time. He is ever watchful of his children on Earth and the circumstances which cause harmful effects to them. God shapes and develops through the people who will hear him, and who also watch the movements of the culture and understand what people need most. A good father tends to his children uniquely, within the context of their time, because they are not the same as children of the past. How could they be? Good fathers tend to their children differently according to the culture in which they live with them. To say otherwise is to ignore the truth about regional realities including language, ethnicity, and local customs. 

Our Church is an international assembly and its leadership must be broad. The most crucial teaching in this time, the most urgent, and that which will become the most effective, is the teaching about my son’s presence in the Eucharist. This mystery must be highlighted for the whole assembly internationally. It is the common ground, the binding element, and the one factor which can anoint and bless all. We must all bring Jesus and his presence into greater focus, with far greater humility. When my non-Catholic children witness the love and confidence my Catholic children have in the presence of their Redeemer, truly present in the Eucharist, they will crave that relationship, too. All people are welcome to adore Christ in the Eucharist and should be invited and made most welcome. If they wish to come into our faith, they will then also be welcome to receive Christ in the Eucharist. Truly, Jesus Christ will draw many into our faith through his presence in the Eucharist in the days to come. This is the way, little children. We will find harmony and unity and the answers to the times through the Eucharist together. 

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