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February 3, 2023

People begin to see only the human structure of my Church on Earth. They forget about me, the King of the Church. They forget about my purpose and what I came to do. I came to free people from an oppressive human structure which claimed to represent my Father. Over time we established moments of direct contact with me for those called to bring my love and consolation to the world. These Sacraments are intended to fill people with my love so they can bring it to others. Instead, many fail to exhale my love into the world and become bloated with self-importance and arrogance. This recreates the very thing I came to stop. Many people do not and will not share in our understanding of the Father’s love through the Catholic religion. They will not understand my position as King of this Church. But they will notice our example and our love for them, if, indeed, we possess that love and offer it freely. If we are faithful to the Father’s plan for this Church, many will come to understand the Father’s gift of my presence in the Eucharist. Will you help me? People must not misuse religion for self-gratification. They must allow it to humble them for the Father’s plan, which is a plan of love for all humanity.

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February 4, 2023

During my time on Earth I experienced a pure form of hatred from others which could not be satiated except through my death. The absurd hope of the enemy was that goodness could be extinguished and people brought to total slavery in life through separation from God. This is always the goal of the enemy, but I will never allow it to happen. There are moments when the Church on Earth absorbs too much of the world. When this occurs, the Church can be drawn back toward the condition which prompted our Father to act against a structure which distorted him. The world continually battles influence from the enemy of hope. Times change but historical patterns repeat. The Church, my Church, is intended to be a direct contrast to the world. It is meant to represent the Father’s love, not human disdain for people when they experience weakness in their humanity and the poison of their cultures. In this time, this Age of Disobedience, many follow a worldly spirit. Our Church, too, has absorbed too much of the world from the culture. Without personal holiness in its members, the Church resembles the world with its unwillingness to tend to people in brokenness. Where brokenness is disallowed, people experience condemnation. Pharisees then develop and people depart from our assemblies. What else can they do when they are unwelcome? Who can consistently meet unnecessarily harsh prescriptions which do not represent God? People develop elements of pretence if their true human struggle for a calm interior life is ignored. Thus, my Church becomes divided. My presence in the Eucharist is reserved with good intention, but it is far too reserved for me to minister to many through it. I am restricted by worldly winds, no longer challenged in my Church. Is it any wonder that so many drift away? Is it any wonder that those who remain feel constrained in the delivery of my Gospel message? Or that they feel disappointed when their best efforts to evangelise meet only rejection? We say that our brothers and sisters are welcome in our Church, and they are welcomed with the greatest joy by me and all of us in Heaven. But they are not welcomed by many of their brothers and sisters on Earth. This is a painful message to give but it must be given. There is great confusion about the purpose of the enormous graces Heaven sends through the Catholic Church. The Church often appears to reserve these graces for only certain Catholics, and communicates a transactional approach to the dissemination of that which is mine to give. This does not represent me. It represents a worldly spirit.  

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February 5, 2023

During my lifetime, my followers could be distinguished from those who were not my followers. There existed a stark difference between the men and women who took my message to their hearts and those who followed the prescription of the religious law but had a poorly developed relationship with God. Those people, the Pharisees, had no interest in God’s thinking and thoughts despite their determination to master their religion. But God does have active thoughts and God’s thoughts centre around the needs of his children on Earth in every time. 

Studying the past can only bring people so far in their understanding of God, because God’s thoughts will always be unique to the current time and circumstances. God does not change. His people change as circumstances around them change. God adapts the delivery of the message of love for every time so that it can be understood. The message, itself, will never change. If one is not studying the pain and suffering of the people living in the present then one cannot truly claim to follow me. When life ends and people enter into the eternity of divine thought, there is no need to try to absorb God’s thoughts and thinking. One is absorbed into God’s mind entirely. The beauty and grace of God’s mind is for everyone who chooses an eternity of love. God’s love is not like earthly love, which is often conditional and based on one’s own need, or which falls away quickly when one is asked to sacrifice or become humble for that love. Even in families, harmony, which is a symptom of heavenly love, is often absent. Thus, human love drifts further and further from Heaven’s love. 

My followers were distinguishable for their thoughtfulness. They were thoughtful because they were consumed by the extent of that which they did not know, as opposed to the idea that they knew everything that could be known about God. Believing you know me, Jesus Christ, fully on Earth is like claiming to have personally categorised each drop of water from every sea and lake. It is impossible to do this in totality and absurd to make that claim. Thus, one could not make that claim truthfully. Knowing a great deal about the religion created by the Holy Spirit in collaboration with mankind is good. But please know, this knowledge does not assure wisdom or love, and it does not mean you know me fully. Knowing about me is not equal to knowing me. I am not a celebrity to be cultivated. I am mystery. I am God. How closely do you wish to follow me on Earth in your lifetime? How close are you to me now? Think about peace and contemplation. Do you feel a craving for silence, for thoughtful reflection about my Way or about how to love the people around you according to my interests in them? If you appropriately crave knowledge about my Way, you will feel the need to silently reflect on how to love the people around you and satisfy their craving to be loved, which comes from me. 

How do I crave love in the people near you? That question alone will bring you closer to my Way. 

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February 5, 2023 (2)

Think about my apostles, my original apostles. They were not popular with the Pharisees of the time. The Pharisees often made war on my apostles and rejected their observations about the scarcity of fruits from the burdensome religious prescriptions of the time. The fruits were often the opposite of what God hoped to bring about for his children on Earth. People felt less than dignified. Many were humiliated by their conditions or about circumstances they could not change, circumstances that were part of the time in which they lived. They drifted away, often in despondency, because it appeared that connection to God was reserved for the people holding power in the dominant religion and those who could afford to offer an obsequious deference to them. 

It is easy to reject that behaviour in yesterday. But can you, my apostles today, reject that behaviour now? Can you locate it? In yourself? Can you see that many have abandoned our assemblies because we communicate unworthiness to our members? I ask you. Who is worthy? Is it not true that the very structure formed to spiritually embrace all of God’s people on Earth has become so worldly it can barely serve? Instead of sitting calmly with this reality, this emptiness, today’s Pharisees battle on. Do they fight for me? For my representation of God’s mind? I communicated very clearly what I did not want and what would not serve. I deliberately articulated and demonstrated that I served the people in the historical day in which I found myself every day of my ministry. Can you say the same? Or are you part of the human in-fighting and power struggles of today which have little to do with me? I stand, mostly ignored by the Church I died to establish, because so many do battle with each other rather than battle in the true war, which will always be found in one’s own thoughts and thinking, in arrogance and pride. 

Can I work directly with you? That is what I need. That is what I am asking of you, and I also ask you to be honest with yourself. Can you recognize and acknowledge the failure to love which has emptied so many of our churches? Sit in silence and reflect on my grief, both human and divine, at the condition of my Church on Earth. My humility exists in some, but not in most. Those who follow, truly, will absorb what I am saying. They will feel curiosity about how I wish to rectify this issue. Then they will set about solving this problem, for me and with me, even though it means they may experience the treatment of my first apostles. 

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February 5, 2023 (3)

Days flow past you in your time on Earth. Each day, you consume more time. I feel the most enormous gratitude for those who use their time thoughtfully on Earth. I feel the most wonderful energy, which I share, in those who are busy helping me to comfort and console God’s children in any way. Comfort and consolation for all was my goal. Love for all, regardless of their condition. Did I make that clear in my lifetime? I know that I did. Sharing my Way with others offered my apostles freedom and relief. They were set free from the rigidity of a prescriptive religion that often rejected them for non-spiritual reasons. When my Church communicates conditional love and claims to represent me, it fails. It is not my Church acting. Therefore, you will not find me in those actions. You will always, however, find me in the perfection of the sacramental graces. You will find me in the Eucharist. My gratitude remains magnificent to the faithful priesthood, who strive to be compassionate as I was compassionate. My gratitude remains magnificent to the faithful lay people and religious who also strive to be compassionate as I was compassionate. You will all experience my gratitude in the answer to your prayers for greater holiness and your prayers for your families and temporal needs. This reciprocity of relationship will never change. When you come to Heaven you will see how grateful I was in each moment where you tried. You will see I was with you as you struggled to change, as you tried to control uncharitable actions and thoughts, and when you searched for me in moments of distress and trial. You will see that I was there, and you will feel joy in your contribution to the representation of God’s true thoughts and thinking on Earth during your time. 

My friends, my beloved friends, you are suffering each other at times, it is true. You endure those who insist on disunity. They will not humble themselves enough to identify me in the present time, even though their time on Earth is short. Most of our Church history will not include them, except as insignificant elements of a rebellious movement which sought to gain power over me. Imagine. Who will prevail? I urge you to avoid any movement that prioritizes disunity, under any issue. I urge you to allow me, please, to reclaim and renew my Church the way I wish to, in love and humility. Your task, given to you from me personally, is to ensure that you are communicating me accurately to others, my spirit, my love, my heart, which always gathers, never scatters. You should not try to be me. You should try to represent me.  

Peace and peace and more peace be with you during this time of renewal.

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February 6, 2023 
Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen of the Church

Together we will find our way to Christ. This has always been the way. We need each other to determine where Jesus would like to bring the Church, which will always be back into our Father’s hopes for humanity. Jesus helps us to know what he wants. My role is often to help people understand how to do that which my son instructs.

In this time, Jesus is very clear. There must be unity, if not agreement. True followers of Jesus identify harmony as an essential goal to work toward, and they do not harbour spirits of disobedience or division. You will know true followers because they will speak about service to others. They will speak about me as their mother and as Queen of this Church. I am active, not remote or irrelevant. Where I am truly recognised as Queen of our Church, there is holiness. A humble man will follow a righteous woman. A man who lacks humility cannot understand the subtle leadership of a woman and strives to feel more powerful. But who is more influential than the mother, disciple, and Queen of the Church before God? 

Jesus, as the one true mediator between man and God, heeds my pleas most generously with regard to the needs of the Father’s children. If you are wise, you understand that influence also mediates, but in a human way. Think of one who intervenes where there is danger. Who understands danger more than a mother? Who is understood as the wisest counsel regarding her children? I do not grapple for power, which offends God when it comes to his Church. I remain faithful, as I did during my life. Those who try to understand me without beginning at my Immaculate Conception, and holding that reality in all consideration, cannot begin to recognize my leadership. 

Why was I created that way? What were God’s intentions, not just for my lifetime but for all time? My role is unfolding because where there is danger, a mother and a queen will help to lead through it. We are in danger now. But I will help to lead us through it. God identifies a destination for our Church. We must work hard to become like the early apostles, my first little Church family whom I mothered most specifically. They mostly learned from studying the mystery of my son’s extraordinary presence on Earth, tending to all who craved love. They then tried their hardest to love like they remembered Jesus loving. I continually directed them back into the Spirit when they became confounded by the exquisite task of representing Heaven as human beings while allowing a universal family of believers to develop. Because that task is such a challenge in every time, followers must serve in the most abject humility, but also with confidence. They must serve with joy, despite hardship and trial. They must rest daily in the unconditional love and compassion of all of Heaven, even while they experience misunderstanding and rejection from others on Earth. 

There are so many differences between service to God and service to the world. One must master both simultaneously. This all requires daily prayer and silence. We ponder, not how to overcome others, but how to overcome ourselves. Please know this was never an issue for me because of my Immaculate Conception. But it remains an issue for you. That is part of why my maternal leadership is crucial now. You need me. You need my purity and you need my help. The Church needs my help. 

How will you recognize those who accept my leadership? They will ponder as I pondered. They will strive for gentleness because they are their mother’s sons and daughters, disciples of the Savior. They will speak thoughtfully, never harshly. They will try to improve the conditions of those around them, prioritising kindness in their families and with those closest to them, which then naturally becomes their fixed habit. Their speech will hold no brittle tones, no harsh words or recriminations, because they will want to bring my gentleness to others. They will forget past offenses and delight in the gifts of the people around them. I was created immaculate for my role. Graces flow out from me in a continual fashion, as they always did. Those who know me recognize my maternal gifts. Our Church, the Church of my son, needs to learn from me so that everyone in it can more closely follow Jesus as I did. If we do not correct our course, we will continue on a path which scatters followers, causing Heaven further grief and prompting Jesus to act. I represent God with accuracy. Please heed my words and begin a period of the deepest pondering, through which I can lead us into safe harbor.  

Remember that Jesus is still on Earth through his presence in the Eucharist and the power of the Holy Spirit. I continue to direct all to him in that same Spirit. You are a part of the Catholic Church but you are also an individual who will be judged individually. Will you do as I ask? 

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February 13, 2023 (1)
Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen of the Church

During my time on Earth I exulted in God as creator. I loved everything he created for his children away from Heaven. I saw God in everything around me. I recognized him mostly in the love between people and in their service to each other from love. When I observed distortions of love, I saw not so much the mistakes people made in their relationships, but rather how it could look if love could claim the moments. As such, I studied both the triumphs and the failures of the people around me. When a mother studies how behavior should look in those around her, she begins to help shape others into those behaviors. She knows, at the very least, she must set a definitive example of the behavior that will reflect love. 

As the mother of our Church, and its Queen, I notice what is wrong in the behavior of all my children on Earth. But specifically, we must begin to think differently about our Church. Our Catholic Church is intended to benefit all of God’s children. That communicates the magnitude of its responsibility. I study the distortions of love on Earth while understanding how love could claim every single one of these instances. My gaze is never averted from humanity. Because I was created immaculate for my role, I lived my time on Earth in a unique manner. I maintained total immersion in God, yet I remained in the world. My being, human in nature, remained focused on God’s love and God’s mind. Thus, I could only be absorbed into God more completely at the end of my time on Earth. Do you begin to understand? I am different to you. I am different to my son. He is God. I am God’s handmaiden. I deliver to him anything he asks of me. But God does not have to ask me for anything because, like a true servant, I know his mind and share his goals. I am human, as you are human, but I am your mother, your heavenly mother. I was created as such and will remain the one mother of all of God’s children for all eternity. There will be no other person created like me, either in time or in eternity. Can you begin to see that mystery surrounds me? Yet I also wish to be known. Can you see that I am speaking to you in warning? A great renewal means we must all serve the same goal. I will speak to you here about your obligation to this plan for renewal. 

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February 13, 2023 (2)
Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen of the Church

The way I am known by people affects the way I can help people. When I am known in a limited way, I can help my children on Earth in a limited fashion. When people know me in the most limited way, our relationship features what is nearly superstition on one side but determination on the other. I wish to deepen my relationship with all of my children. That will always be my goal. Do I do this for myself? It would be understandable because I absolutely delight in God’s creation of each person, and in his gift to me of my global maternity. But I crave a closer relationship that allows me to show my children how to be true disciples of Christ at the deepest level of their human experience. Yes, a mature understanding of me brings a mature understanding of my son. How could I not wish this for all of God’s children? How could God not wish this for all of his children? How, lastly, could a mature understanding of me and a committed relationship to me, not be the plan of my son, the Savior of all mankind? Is it possible that a righteous father would interfere with his children’s relationship with their mother? A righteous father understands that there are benefits offered by both parents, even in this case where one is human and one is divine. If any person is ascribing divinity to me they must stop at once. It misrepresents reality and it misrepresents me, along with my role. I acted in the Father’s power, enjoying the Father’s benevolence. I act now in the Father’s power, and continue to enjoy the Father’s benevolence. Many of my requests for my son on Earth, in his sweet and vulnerable humanity, were granted to me by God, our Father. That does not change the fact that I recognised my son’s divinity and studied it like every disciple. 

You see that from the beginning of our Church, I interceded for humanity and intervened where I could in temporal matters. If I simply reflected on a human need for my son, our Father sent me those human needs. This is how I prayed. I reflected deeply. My son graciously received these favours from me, often accepting gifts from me that he would have gone without, barely noticing. But it was my desire to comfort him. Children often endure their mother’s comfort because they know it represents her love, and they wish to console her as she wishes to console them. In this core human exchange of love you can see an example of the Father’s relationship with his children. The Father hopes to enjoy reciprocity of love with each person he creates. This is the plan for humanity. The plan is that people grow in love during their time on Earth. Heavenly connection will always include both giving and receiving. Heavenly love is never seen in cruel exploitation for selfish gratification. There is so much to teach and so much to learn. Who are my students? 

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February 13, 2023 (3)
Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen of the Church

How do I intercede for the world at this time? Much of that will depend on the prayers of my children. How do you ask me to intercede? If you are studying me, you will ask for peace. You will ask me to help protect people from the grave abominations present as the enemy seeks to defile innocence. If you know me, you will ask me for unity in our Church and you will ask that those who work against unity be halted in their plans. You will ask me for help in the protection of the seat of Peter. Surely you ask me to send sublime holiness to all men who rest in that seat. If you study me, you are asking me to help those suffering during these times, which feature apocalyptic changes for mankind. If you study me and know me, you know that I work freely in God’s power, using my influence to bring his hopes into the world, especially his hopes for mercy. Thus, you ask me for your children, your parents, your siblings. You ask me for virtue, for triumph over vice and addiction of all sorts. You rely on me to obtain gifts from the Holy Spirit for your interests and goals. If you know me, you feel safe and loved, even as you recognise the changes occurring in your world. If you know me, then you know that the enemy of God is also my enemy and that the enemy can never prevail in a world created by God. Thus, you are confident. 

Do I possess a human following? The question makes me smile but yes I do. My followers are those who love my son, those who follow him and seek to serve him. They follow me because I was the first disciple of Jesus, the Christ. I followed Jesus with excellence in discipleship. Anyone who knew him and loved him followed him in excellence of discipleship because of their great love for him. This does not mean they followed him perfectly. They each followed him differently. But they tried to grow as they understood him better and they gained strength in their discipleship over time. Often they came to know Jesus better through the companionship of other followers. This companionship was crucial. The followers of Jesus Christ today are the same. They follow Jesus imperfectly, but they try to grow and they gain strength over time if they are encouraged. 

Can our Catholic Church say that people find encouragement in the prescriptions currently practiced? Or do many of God’s children feel afraid they will fall out of the prescriptions? When people experience their human failure, throwing themselves on the mercy of our Church, do we offer God’s understanding and allow them to begin again as they privately sift through the mystery of their conditions? Or do we instead bind them to a reality which holds them in contempt and exclusion? We in the Church on Earth often act beyond our authority when we insist that our teachings prompt either contempt or exclusion. 

Who is the first healer in our Catholic Church? Jesus Christ was the first healer and he remains the true healer, fully present in the Eucharist. Who did Jesus Christ come to heal? From his very own lips we know that Jesus came to heal the sick. On what authority do we then deny the healer to those who suffer in their humanity? You can practice Catholicism and remain imperfect. You are each evidence of that truth. And yet, for many, we reserve the harshest of judgments by telling them that their circumstances exclude them from direct connection with God in the Eucharist. Their circumstances are no match for God’s mercy and no match for a mother’s care and concern. Where humanity has failed them, often creating the very circumstances they are judged for, the Church should receive them in compassion. And yet, we allow judgments to be made which are not ours to make as an assembly. The developed prescription of our Church should not presume to know the condition of the heart of any person. The full knowledge of any person’s condition is possessed only by God. The role of perfect judge, also, remains safely within the domain of my son. The space between judgment and mercy must always veer toward mercy when a human being is called to make a determination about another human being. This will please God, who initiated our assembly partially as a response to cruel human judgments made in his name.

Please do not think I act against Christ when I illuminate the failures of our Church on Earth. I illuminate the failures of our Church on Earth on behalf of Christ, with Christ, and from within the love of the Trinity for all of us. This is often my role. If we are merciful, like Christ, we will come to recognize that Catholics who desire communion with Christ should be encouraged to receive him in humility. If they are not humble, that is between their conscience and the all-powerful spirit of God. If they secretly mock the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, believe that God himself will manage that state of affairs. 

Believe, please, that the most hardened sinner can come to see the contrast between that which they receive in the Eucharist, perfect love, and that which they entertain in their heart. Then that person must choose. We cannot presume to make choices for others, nor deny the process which is often needed, or the reality that these choices are made within the privacy of the human heart.

I am your mother. I am also the mother of this Catholic Church, and its Queen. Do not, I beg of you, take these words or this warning lightly. Receive these words and these warnings with the maturity necessary to ponder deeply the corrective measures required to renew our Church and bring it closer to the Church Jesus Christ established through Peter. There will only be one Catholic Church. Will you remain faithful to it, despite the forces which seek to damage it? Will you help me to protect our Church?

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February 14, 2023 (1)
Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen of the Church

Unity in our Church is essential for the protection and preservation of the Eucharist. There are people who believe they can break away from our established seat of authority and begin another Church, even though they understand what is at stake through such an action. They believe, for one reason or another, that they have the most accurate vision of where our Church should go in the future and what experience it should offer for God’s children. There are always, in every time, those who are tempted this way. However, in order to remain anointed by God and blessed by God, their actions must be taken in union, if not full agreement, under the chair of Peter. Again I stress, their feelings are not new, their conclusions not unique to them. Even in the earliest days divisions erupted. I did not fear each new division. I simply directed back towards union, even when harmony appeared to be elusive. 

The place to work for renewal is from within the authority of the Church. I look intently upon each group that believes it must take the Church away from the rightful authority to protect it. God protects his Church on Earth. Humanity will continue to attempt to discern the will of God against the movements of the time, and there will always be tensions. This is what I want to say most clearly. God most assuredly does lead the Church in this time and in every time. He is ever watchful of his children on Earth and the circumstances which cause harmful effects to them. God shapes and develops through the people who will hear him, and who also watch the movements of the culture and understand what people need most. A good father tends to his children uniquely, within the context of their time, because they are not the same as children of the past. How could they be? Good fathers tend to their children differently according to the culture in which they live with them. To say otherwise is to ignore the truth about regional realities including language, ethnicity, and local customs. 

Our Church is an international assembly and its leadership must be broad. The most crucial teaching in this time, the most urgent, and that which will become the most effective, is the teaching about my son’s presence in the Eucharist. This mystery must be highlighted for the whole assembly internationally. It is the common ground, the binding element, and the one factor which can anoint and bless all. We must all bring Jesus and his presence into greater focus, with far greater humility. When my non-Catholic children witness the love and confidence my Catholic children have in the presence of their Redeemer, truly present in the Eucharist, they will crave that relationship, too. All people are welcome to adore Christ in the Eucharist and should be invited and made most welcome. If they wish to come into our faith, they will then also be welcome to receive Christ in the Eucharist. Truly, Jesus Christ will draw many into our faith through his presence in the Eucharist in the days to come. This is the way, little children. We will find harmony and unity and the answers to the times through the Eucharist together. 

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February 14, 2023 (2)
Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen of the Church

Can you see that Heaven is asking you to proceed in a special, very specific manner? When you read these words, do you feel the graces I send with them? I have obtained these graces from God especially for this time. I am willing to work with every person in a direct way if they are willing to work with me, under my leadership, in this period of great change and great grace. What am I asking you to do? 

If you are part of my son’s Church, of which I am Queen, or if you have ever in the past been part of our Church, can you find a place where my son is present in the Tabernacle and sit with him? If there is no Tabernacle near you, perhaps you could establish one with the permission of your bishop and with the proper preparation. You see, there is a terrible plague of loneliness in the world at this time. This loneliness is not the same as isolation. Many who experience solitude do not experience loneliness. But many of my children are connected to a false world which holds their attention and prevents them from giving and receiving love. Some are corrupted by this false world in a dark, damaging way. Others are brought into a state of sadness which binds them. Yes, my children are bound by thoughts, images, and conversations that have little to do with their own experience of time in this life and what God hopes for them. They are influenced by others who have no hope for them personally and who are using them for selfish purposes. They are estranged from the people who do have hopes for them and also love for them. Love, thus, can no longer grow or flourish. God does not excite these people because they have been hypnotized into the belief that they are like God, with all knowledge available to them. My dear, dear children, only those who contemplate God understand the mysteries of true science and the benefits of development in the world. Many problems of the past are gone now because people studied Jesus Christ and then followed his example of love by serving others. There is a great deal to rejoice about in the world at this time in the way of advances and successful efforts to relieve suffering. But can you say the study of love is what has hypnotized so much of humanity? Sadly, it is not. If it were, people would not be lonely. Service to others eliminates loneliness. 

If my children want to help me, they will come before a Tabernacle. I will be there, thanking my son Jesus for his sacrifice and asking for graces for you. If you come, I will be waiting for you and I will help you come to know and understand Jesus and realize his plan for you, which always includes healing. I make this promise to you today and I will keep my promise personally to every one of my children who sits before my son Jesus, who is fully, truly present in the Eucharist. Those who follow this practice understand the soft and sweet benefits of spending time with my son in the Eucharist. You will never be alone in life. The greatest mystery of life is the presence of God in it, for every single person on Earth.