October 27, 2021

Jesus To The Church

There will always be two paths for my children on Earth: the path of the Spirit, directed by me, and the path of the world, which is not directed by me and which does not necessarily include me.

Many of God’s children choose virtue because it attracts them. This delights me. Often, the people in my Church who follow me, set a correct example which reflects my love. Others see this and emulate them. Whether or not those people are called Catholic, they become Catholic in their hearts.

I ask that my followers come deeply into the things of the Spirit today and in every day forward. This will require a shift for many. This will require an alteration of one’s thoughts. Please acknowledge this necessary shift.

Are you on Earth? Are you coming to Heaven? If that is your desire, then heed me fully. Focus on what is of my Spirit in the world.

There may be no need to change anything about your life but your focus. Your focus should be on me. If you are in leadership in my Church, focus on me. If you are a follower of the leadership in my Church, focus on me. Lift your eyes to Heaven each day and pledge to me anew that you will focus on me.

I tell you this because I love you. I want to lead you.


November 2, 2021

Jesus to his Church

There are many moments in your life when you make decisions. Those moments are quietly important, and yet, you lack awareness that the decisions you make will impact the Body of Christ on Earth. Yes, in those small moments you make decisions that impact my Church. This assembly of believers, the home to my Eucharistic presence, can change the course of world events. It is my wish that it do so. Calm, quiet faith within a person’s heart results in a countenance that stands out from most of God’s children. As times become unstable, as they do in the history of humanity, these believers become more spiritually confident, more willing to detach from the world and from expectations for their individual lives. How difficult it is for me to articulate that even in battle my followers are kind, loving, and also firm. What are we firm about? The Father’s will and the Father’s plan. Follow me, I say to you. Follow me. How did I respond to turbulent times in my life? To marginalisation? To persecution and threat? I continually looked up to the Father where my soul was free to imagine the wonder of the Church in the future, your Church. I knew my Eucharistic presence would be available to sustain people in times of distress and change. Even the thought of my Eucharistic presence filled me with joy during my time on Earth. I never desire to be separated from my Church or the people in it. When do representatives of my Church separate me from my people? They do so when a person craves reception of the Eucharist, but based on human evaluation, that person is denied my Body in their body. My friends, I ask for greater caution in this regard. I ask for humility. Which of you is the Judge? The perfect arbitrator of my mercy and the qualified evaluator of the heart of another? None of you. I am the Judge, the only Judge. True penitence can only be evaluated by me. If a human process is to restrict reception of the Eucharist, I ask that you let this human process submit ultimately to my mercy. Let it default fully into my mercy. Leave the judgement to me, the Judge, and distribute my mercy as your first and greatest function. Do not separate my children from me when they desire to receive me in the Eucharist and have been formed and prepared in their life to do so. We do not form and prepare people only to deny them that which they have been formed and prepared to do. I am the only one who can heal and change even the hardest hearts, the most confused, the most wounded. Do not prevent me from doing my part. Concentrate on gaining ground in your own personal holiness and I will assist you and all who call on me.


November 3, 2021

Jesus to his Church

What kind of Church will we present to the Father at the end of time? How holy will she be? How accurate will the condition of the Church look as compared to the Father’s great love for mankind? My followers must be keenly interested in the answers to those questions. My followers, like me, must dream about solutions to the problems of mankind, and then they must try to lessen the pain and suffering of people around them. I did this. I represented the Father accurately. Did it make me popular? Did it make me unpopular? Did it result in my death? Those who love holy Scripture know the answers to those questions, and they know that none of those realities intruded on my decisions for the Father and his children. You see, the wellbeing of mankind is the Father’s keenest interest. The joy of life does not eradicate the suffering of life. One actually highlights the other. In the greatest cross, for example, one can know the greatest truth about the connection between God and humanity. When someone connects truthfully with another person and the connection results in love, then those people understand God’s love to a higher degree. This is universal, and together we must recognize that universality as true holiness. The connections on Earth that result in sacrifice, dignity, and nobility reflect the love of the Father and are in collaboration with the Holy Spirit of the Trinity. How strongly can the Holy Spirit come through the Church right now? Today? What inhibits the spread of the Gospel through the Church? Reflect on these questions and do not be certain you know the answers. Speech without reflection can harm our interests in the world. Actions promoting earthly power bases may not be my desired actions. My goals should not be concealed in the work of my followers. Talk about my goals. Talk about why you do what you do if you represent me. If you do not reflect and ensure that your work is accurately representing me, with the Father’s love, then you must certainly wonder whether the Holy Spirit is moving forcefully into the world through that which absorbs your thoughts and your time. Do not measure the results you achieve with earthly measurements. Measure against my life and my priorities. This is the moment to radically assess your time on Earth and whether or not it is being used appropriately for my goals.


November 4, 2021 (1)

Jesus to his Church

There are many goals that interest me and there are many goals that are compelling to me. The most compelling goals for me at this time have to do with spiritual development in my followers. During my time on Earth, I loved people. This came naturally to me and it came naturally to Mary, my mother, because there was nothing hindering her capacity in this regard.

My apostles struggled to love at the level needed in order to accurately represent me. My first apostles had to watch my actions carefully, because as they began to study me, they came to understand that loving people meant something deeper than they thought. Their first instinct was human, as one would expect. But of course, that would not be enough to create a divine structure, which was my goal and the goal of the Father. The Church in the mind of God would remain on Earth, representing the Father through my life story and with the power of the Holy Spirit flowing continually through it. The Church in the mind of God would be the home of my Eucharistic presence, which would be reverenced and protected for people, not from people. The idea that I am at risk in the Eucharist from the people who crave me within their very body is untrue.

You love me. My first apostles loved me, too. Did they love me perfectly? How could they when they were at various points of growth and development? I did not expect to be loved perfectly. I did not expect to be loved by people who had never suffered or never sinned. In truth, nothing has changed in this regard. Those who love me now on Earth are similar, in this way, to those who loved me then. People who love me now in the Church, my structure on Earth, love me imperfectly, and all have sinned and require healing. In my time I did not allow children to be kept from me. Neither did I reject the most reviled of sinners. Heed these lessons. Protect the Eucharist and my presence in it for my children, not from them.

This does not mean I ask to be treated with disrespect. Those deliberately disrespecting me in the Eucharist will answer to me personally for their actions. Yet, I ask today that people who are formed and prepared in their lives to receive me, be invited to receive me again. Allow this to enter your mind according to your condition and role on Earth. If you receive these words and my directions with anything but a spirit of humility and mercy, then you will be disappointing me, and I will know that you require greater growth and development. Please understand that I am never surprised when my followers require greater growth and development. I expect this to be the case.

If I am not in the central position of your work in the Church, then, my friend, you are not working for the Church that I myself established. I want you to think about who should be drawn back in to receiving Communion, not who should be separated. The number of people separated from reception of holy Communion should be very small compared to those who should be invited and drawn back in to receive me.


November 4, 2021 (2)

Jesus to his Church

While times change on Earth, times do not change in Heaven. More people arrive, it is true, and our eternal family grows, but the eternal Kingdom continues to prompt its expression on Earth. Which people do we prompt? We urge all people into the Spirit of love, of course. But we expect my followers in the Church to allow heavenly expression in a special way, a more directed way.

There are those who heed our promptings with little delay. I thank you. But there are also those among my followers who allow earthly thinking to inhibit the degree to which divine love can be expressed through the Church on Earth. My friend, reading these words with such a hopeful heart, which best expresses you?

For some time I have been urging my children in the Church toward greater mercy. The Church of God, my Church, should reflect divine thought and thinking. The Church of God, my Church, often looks nothing like the world. It is not meant to resemble the world, but Heaven. Reflect carefully on this.

Worldly thinking includes hasty judgements and cruel condemnation. Worldly thinking relies on worldly influences and does not factor in the omnipotence of God, a God who wants to draw his children close, especially in times of upheaval. There is a way to negotiate difficult times with ease, and that is through trust in me and in my Sacramental way. Are these Sacraments available to those who desire them? If so, I am pleased. If not, why not?

There are limitations which cannot be helped in this regard, it is true. By that I mean practicalities. In a time when so many fall away from our Church, for many reasons, we do not sound a clear call for men to serve the sacred ministry. We do not sound a clear call for women to move close to our heavenly mother’s example and offer maternity to the Church. Perhaps now, at this moment, every man and woman can ask me how I would like them to serve, both in our Church and also more broadly. I will show you a way to impact our Church, if only in your heart. My friends, your heart is exactly the place where the renewal of the Church can and must begin.

Do not be fretful that I will ask you for something you cannot give. You can give me your desire for holier thinking. You can give me your desire for greater love and acceptance in your heart, both for yourself and those around you. You can share my grief that so many of God’s children are lost to a world celebrating self over sacrifice for other.

The Father sends hope into the world with each human being. When so many seeds of hope are rejected and destroyed, can the world wonder why it turns its’ face away from God? Make room for God’s children, in any circumstances, and hope will grow. Make room in your heart for my renewal and hope will grow in our Church, where it should be reserved and reverenced, as the Eucharist is reserved and reverenced. Above all, make room in your heart for the thoughtful, humble contemplation of these words and the graces which accompany them.

My friend, if you desire to help me with renewal, you must be willing to accept renewal in your heart. The hope for dramatic renewal of my Church on Earth is resting in your heart. Please, I ask you, offer me your willingness, and renewal will begin to flow out from you into my Church.


November 4, 2021 (3)

Jesus to his Church

What do I ask of my Church? What do I want? Have you asked yourself this question? Have you wondered, reflected, and prayed about this question? I am telling you what I want. I want the children of the Church who have left our assembly called back into it by my hopeful and loving representatives. This is my Church, after all. I do not separate people from me, of course. They separate themselves from me. Do not be the one who acts as my representative but also drives someone away from our family.

A family makes room for all of its members, even if they are suffering in ways that cause them to look their worst. Often within the family there is protection for a person who is vulnerable and hurting. This is exactly where those members can experience safety while they recover. The family is a safe place, comprised of people who cannot reject each other because of their duty to each other. We, together, have a duty to protect others who are confused or wounded until they find their way out of confusion or pain. Do we want them out in the world without our help? Or do we want them close to us, where we may be able to assist them in recovery? When human hope appears to be lost, that is the precise moment to trust me the fullest with those for whom you intercede and those for whom you fear the most.

I ask for a spirit of humility. We serve the Father together, facing him and then offering him and his love to the world. My followers must strive very hard to resemble me, speaking of me and of the love of the Creator. Speak of mercy and show mercy. Trust me aloud so that others will also trust me. Express my love through your laughter and confidence in the next world. Talk about all that is good. Search for all that is good. The enemy, our enemy, wants to obscure the wonderful developments in the world which are prompted by me and in which I place unlimited seeds of hope. Can you name these developments? Do you seek them out? Will you recognize them when you see them? My friends, my fellow servants of the Father, be confident now as never before. I am with you and together we will renew my Church. She will then take her place in the world as the greatest voice of hope. All of our voices combined will sing praise to the Father and this will draw others to our family, where we can help keep them safe from despair.

I love you and I rely heavily on your fidelity to me and to my Church.