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First of Five- January 31, 2022
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Third of Five- February 3, 2022
Fourth of Five- February 4, 2022 (1)
Fifth of Five- February 4, 2022 (2)


January 31, 2022

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There are times when Heaven must protect mankind. There comes a time now when Heaven seeks to assist humanity. Freedom provides a powerful incentive and destination for human beings, but they must also comprehend conditions where they become enslaved. Circumstances on Earth provide ample opportunity for human enslavement in the spiritual domain. A direct attack against a given religion clearly illustrates one type of enslavement. A more subtle and insidious attack against the Spirit and against all religion comes from the decision to insert humanly created thinking in the space where people locate and access the spiritual in their minds and hearts.

When the thinking of a false god is inserted in the space established for me in each person, that person no longer craves me authentically. People are prompted to experience emotion that is lower than the Spirit, and yet they are brought to believe that they are experiencing higher thinking through adherence to pre-human schools of thought. These schools of thought are constructed for all and do not prompt people to develop as individuals. The goal of these thoughts is control. The goal is destruction of the unique relationship between God and each person in their individually created being.

When you know God, you know that God desires freedom for his people. In many circumstances people are enslaved physically, in prisons or by individuals who attempt to destroy their spirit. When a person is connected to me, in their mind and heart, the opposite situation often occurs. People become freer and more limitless in their thinking. Their human circumstances become incidental to their spiritual circumstances, and together we advance into the highest thoughts and the most beautiful contemplation. They cannot be controlled because their freedom is secured in a place inaccessible to even the cruelest jailer. They cannot be used, either, for the purposes of domination over other people. Their witness, when they are released from prison, provides a window into what is possible for all humanity via relationship with me.

Questioning oppressors is a divinely prompted instinct. Mankind develops through such questioning. Mankind rises above envy and limited thought through such questioning. Mankind is inspired to action through such questioning. But what will happen if this questioning and the ability to connect with me is deadened? What if it is replaced by humanly constructed programs of thought designed to enslave not one group, but all groups? Where is the hope on Earth? Where can I make my wishes known and through whom can I send my intervention?

Darkness on Earth takes place when divine thought is deadened. This will be the great darkness. The light that comes through each individual relationship with me is being extinguished, one by one, through humanly constructed schools of limited thought. I desire that my children protect themselves.


February 2, 2022

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For many years, much of mankind has experienced material comfort. While the poor always suffer, many people have enjoyed a level of comfort unique to this time. I am pleased when humanity enjoys that which it needs to flourish. At the same time, there exists a fixation with the lives of others, as seen through continual media. Much of mankind has fallen prey to unhealthy curiosity about the details of the experiences of others, as viewed through a lens which often ignores suffering. This has caused many people to gradually lose interest in their own individual experience and ache for that which belongs to others. They become blinded to the gifts and strengths given to them for their purpose and their life.

My answers have always been available. Heaven’s truth is both visible and invisible. The gift of self gives to the giver. Bitterness and the withholding of love harms the withholder. A deliberate decision to harm damages the one offering those negative contributions. Consequences follow the offerings of each person and go out into the wider existence of mankind. The decision to rest fully into my love and my providence provides daily joy and happiness. How many choose this disposition? Where a few choose it together, we find charity and creativity. This is what I hope for now, in this time, charity, creativity, and relentless optimism for the future. We will prevail in this effort. But one should be prepared for a journey before one embarks upon it.

A foundation of charity, creativity, and optimism provides humanity with a fixed orientation toward growth and right development. My friends, can we say that such a foundation is now developing in the world? Or do we see that the opposite of this disposition, with its secrecy and scheming, fosters division and suspicion among our human family? I do not want countries deliberately pitted against each other, nor people. But this happens now. Where will it take us? We have seen in the past how disturbance in one person can spread to extraordinary lengths. We have also seen that disturbance in one person can be managed when courageous men and women resist the easy road of protecting themselves at all costs. The truth is that I am the only one who can fully protect anyone or anything. A disturbed individual will foment division, suspicion, and the rise of ego against others, many others. A calm, righteous individual will align themself with truth, even if they can see only a sliver of it. This requires courage, but courage is abundant amongst my true followers.

Know this. I will not be used to begin war. That will not be me. A lover of my spirit will be courageous and fix their disposition toward peace. A disturbed individual will ultimately aim for destruction of a family, a divine plan, or a country. Be ready to consult with me and not with a humanly derived ideology that restricts freedom of independent thought.


February 3, 2022

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If peace is the desired outcome, how does one approach a conflict? One contemplates that which is most likely to bring peace. Is peace always possible? Yes. It is always possible. One party desires peace and approaches each situation in hope of peace. When both parties crave conflict, for hidden reasons, then peace is not possible and all becomes a justification for war. Heaven, at times, prompts humanity to respond to injustice and aggression. In those times, my intervention can be seen, if not in the present moments, then through thoughtful retrospection at a later date.

Those connected with me in earnest desire for my hopes to be realized can grasp the difference between a heavenly position and a position arrived at through earthly thought and thinking. I will always help the righteous cause. Always. I do so in my way and within my timeline. I do so with a plan that is vast and relies on trust and faith from my people. My concern is for all people in all times.

Sweeping movements of change in the world cause distress in human systems. This experience frightens those who cannot trust me, or indeed, do not understand that I am always involved. When human systems fail, that is the opportunity to create new systems more closely aligned with holy thought and development.  If a human system is failing, one should be imagining and contemplating what type of improved system should replace it. My children were created to dream of opportunities to love, and to create systems which allow for that goal.

The next consideration must be reflected upon deeply. Love comes in many forms and many textures. Each day holds many moments for those who seek to love. Does one express love the same way to each person in each moment? Of course not. Love and the expression of love often requires thought and reflection. When someone expresses love that is deliberate and personal, the other experiences it deeply and is deeply impacted. The difference between a chosen, contemplated action of love, with simple words perhaps, or with a slight gesture, and love that is a pretense, is felt in a significant way. Words, gestures, or actions that do not come from love do not resonate with love. The recipient understands that he or she has not been given true love which originates in me, but rather a false expression intended for the benefit of the giver. These false expressions can cause injury, and while they may sometimes include practical assistance that is important, they do not lift the soul of the other.

Why is this important? Because the study of love and mercy will stop wars.

Love looks different in different situations. What I require in the way of love may look firm at times. But when one determines the course love must take, through daily contact with me, one is confident about the course.

People should recognize my friends through their love, yes, but love must come from me to be authentic and effective. In this time, many of my friends are following paths that do not lead to me. They are blinded and do not crave humility and service. Remember, please, that I was humble and that I served. I ask that you emerge from relationship with me into the events taking place around you, and then return to me in that space where we are together. This will enable you to be calm and hold your position of peace. If you heed me in this way, you will stand out, and your peace will spread through the world.


February 4, 2022 (1)

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Throughout the course of humanity, I have solved problems with supernatural means. Humanity, so concerned with safety and daily need, often marvels for but a brief moment, then moves quickly on to procure the next need. This is as it should be. I do not want people to think continually of past sufferings when the present provides many opportunities to delight in each other and the unique gifts given to each person. At the same time, I see that if people could develop eyes to recognize my presence in so many troubling world events of the past, my people would face the future with steady confidence.

I will remain present in every event, every assault on peace, every moment of suffering that comes to my children on Earth. We in Heaven are united to Earth in every attack against it. I have a beautiful plan for humanity. I have a beautiful plan for my children’s existence on Earth. There are so many wonderful things to see and experience and strive toward. Will you help me? Will you maintain your focus on that which is being created instead of that which you fear is being destroyed? If you do, you will become full of hope and your contact with me will be uninterrupted. Your time with me in prayer brings you delight in everything around you, and prevents the anxious study of that which is nowhere near you. If you are called to become involved in a struggle for peace, you will know.

My dear, dear friends, what do I want for you? What do I want for our Church on Earth? For your faith community? What do I want for your family? What do I want for each person you encounter today? I want them all to know they are loved and seen, full of goodness, despite their mistakes, and full of beauty, despite any crosses they carry. I want you all to know that you are valuable, indeed, irreplaceable to me in the human story. Remember all the good you have done. Remember all that you tried to achieve for others, and for yourself. Those efforts will never be lost. Your dreams will be completed in Heaven in the manner in which we dream and create here. You will be so happy and full of wisdom in Heaven. You will know the truth and understand the struggles in your life, even if you do not understand them now. I say to you today with an open, outstretched hand, peace be with you.

Will you accept my peace? Will you extend your hand to receive it from me? Please, do. If you accept my peace you will become an example of the timeless message of the Gospel. I desire this for you. 


February 4, 2022 (2)

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There are many moments in your day, as well as in your lifetime. Each moment includes me. I am there. You are here. We are not separated even though you cannot see me with your human eyes. When you look with the sense of your spirit, you locate me. What happens then? You begin to look out from your human eyes and see different things. You discern what is invisible to your human sight. You see pain, suffering, and also hope. Eternal hope comes to you in each moment if you use the eyes of your soul.

To identify the hope I refer to, you must understand that I am not bound by time. Perhaps your task is to create conditions that will bear fruit in the future. Will you be willing to do it? Will you be willing to set a plan in motion which you know cannot be realized until you are home here? This will be possible for you if you accept that you rely on my divine power and not your own human power. There are so many options available to me that you cannot see with your human eyes. Therefore, it is best to rely on me, always, even while you put all of your human strength into achieving the goals you have discerned with my help. Whatever remains undone, I will complete with you from Heaven.

In Heaven, there are no limits. In Heaven, there are no egos to wage war against others or against goodness. Complete freedom in total truth allows for creations of love to be developed and made ready for those on Earth willing to embrace a holy plan. My friends, how many are willing to receive these plans into their arms and hearts, as a mother receives a tiny person and offers protection, love, care, and continual effort? If you have been given a plan by Heaven, you will know it. You will overcome your resistance and learn to love the plans Heaven has constructed and placed with you. You will become passionate about Heaven’s plans if you begin to engage with them. Just as new parents learn about themselves through their parenting and are profoundly blessed in parenting, you too will learn about the extent of your strength and be richly blessed by accepting the plans Heaven asks you to accept.

Will you face difficulties? Struggles? Does every parent of every newborn infant face difficulty? Of course. But difficulties do not prompt a parent to return their child, and difficulties do not mean that you abandon the plan I have placed with you and prepared for you. Focus on me, personally. I will not hide my plans from you. You and I will share the plans to bring good things to the precious, beloved children of the Creator, our Father.

Prepare, now, through prayer. Deliberately accept the peace I extend to you. I am with you. I will always be with you.