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January 13, 2022

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Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen 

My life on Earth led me to the foot of the cross, where I was destined to be. Because I remained faithful to the Father’s purpose for my life, he knew that any plan he designed for me would be fulfilled to the best of my ability. I did not separate my ability from the Father’s power, ever. You see, the Creator of all things allowed me to experience a heavenly gift. I could look into an area of interest and understand it in depth. While this gift delighted me, I did not view it as something for my own edification, although I became edified through my interests. I viewed something that drew my interest as an element of knowledge necessary to fill a gap in my understanding of God and all things divine. Do you understand that I was never separate from God?

At the base of the cross, as I studied my son’s anguish, I also became drawn into the plight of all mankind. I knew that God, himself, suffered on the cross in front of me. I knew that my study of his suffering and plight helped to complete my understanding of God and all things divine. This meant that my heart-filled experience of the crucifixion was necessary to my purpose on Earth, which could only be God’s purpose for me, because I never experienced rebellion and I knew God surrounded me in protection. I knew that I was safe wherever I found myself and that Jesus Christ, too, was safe, despite his human experience of the crucifixion. When one is aware that there are no separations between Heaven and Earth, one knows that one’s life is temporary and that it is leading to eternity. How could God be in danger? Death? Death is only an engagement with the process of life eternal. Therefore, I studied my son’s crucifixion and wondered deeply about how it would inform my purpose on Earth.

Jesus, my Lord and my God, instructed me from the cross to extend my maternity to all people. He also extended an instruction to all people to view me as their mother. During the life of my son, Jesus, I was fully taken up with my maternal role. Jesus was the human being who would become the Savior of all people. When he died, I received the eternal and divine purpose for which I was created immaculate. I was the woman clothed with the sun, meaning, the mother of the light. Jesus is the light. I am his mother and I am the mother of all people, too, based on the instruction I received from my son and my God as I studied his grave and terrible suffering on the cross.

God, our Creator and our Father, desires that his children understand they have a Father. He is their Father. God, our Creator and Father, also desires that his children know they also have a mother, who will follow them into every suffering, every moment of confusion, every experience up to and including death on a cross. I did not turn my face away. I will never turn my face away from the suffering of any of my children. I have access to the strength of the Father as he places it in me. Each of my children shares access to this strength. It is human strength steadied and confirmed by divine strength, which cannot be broken and cannot be overcome.

Neither Jesus nor I were overcome when he died. Nor were either of us discouraged when he was arrested. He simply finished a divine plan that he had chosen. I simply moved into the divine purpose for my life as the mother of all people. Humanly, one can imagine how we suffered, but our strength came from a divine, omnipotent source. As such, there were no limits to our perseverance. The strength came from one moment to the next, never in advance. Oh, that my children would embrace this experience as a need in their understanding of the divine exchange. Strength cannot come in advance and one must trust in the strength to come. This is done quietly and humbly. The strength to endure always comes from God where it is called upon.

My son is God. I am the mother of his humanity. In that way you could call me the mother of God, but I would like to be known as the mother of all people because it was for this role I was also created. I am the mother of the humanity of Jesus Christ, who is God. I did not create Jesus. The Father willed our Savior’s humanity into being. God, my Father, created me and I am his servant and most adoring, trusting daughter. I am safe with God and I am understood by God. I want to be more understood by my children, who cover the Earth and hope to reside with us in Heaven. Please help me to become known for my maternal role for every single person who will be created by our Father.


January 14, 2022 (1)

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Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen 

In the existence that is Heaven, there are no separations. Truly, Heaven and its inhabitants surround those who understand this, but also those who do not. When a person comes to Heaven, they become a saint; they are sanctified. This process of sanctification is for all of God’s children and should begin on Earth. All of mankind should engage with the process of sanctification according to their customs and practices. Goodness is known to all people, even if they are surrounded by that which is not good. Deeply within each heart there lies a connection to God, and this is where the resonance of virtue exists. Often, love is the only thing needed to animate this connection. Virtue can grow quickly in a way that will astonish many in the days to come. 

When one is never told about God and does not know about God, or one is surrounded by that which is against God, the individual can have difficulty knowing the value of virtue. Virtue is simply a response to love. 

What if one does not experience love? Virtue may be difficult to access in this case, and we may see pain expressed as sin. But we also see children hold a position of love and hope, even in the face of receiving little love. Children crave love and are known to take anything vaguely resembling love and use it to fulfil their craving. In this way, many children overcome poor circumstances and retain virtue, especially when their mother regularly communicates love to them. 

All of God’s people must be like children, whatever their age. I am their mother and I regularly communicate love, through God’s power, to every person on this earth. Every culture and religion recognizes me in some way, even though I am called by different names and expressed and understood in different forms by people who feel my presence and seek my protection. I do not cause division among my children. I create unity. I serve without cease in the world, just as God protects without cease. Do you begin to understand? I am the woman clothed with the sun, the mother of the light, not for one group of people but for all people. Therefore, I wish to be known as the mother of all people, because this is part of my function as God’s created mother for all of humanity. 

When people call upon my help, they are using a resource that God, himself, created for them. How could this be wrong? If someone calls upon me, they are actually accessing God, because I remain within the Father’s protection and power, as does every person in Heaven. I have no thirst for power and no rebellion against God, even though I retain my humanity outside of time. I am different from each person because I was created without a fallen nature for God’s purposes and plan. I am the same as each person in that I am a human being who was created. I would like to be known. I would like to be understood. It is for this reason that I offer this information. I want to be known and understood to a greater degree so that I can help humanity to a greater degree. I can comfort people and help them to use the ongoing source of strength available to them during their lives. Jesus called upon the strength of his shared divinity and mediated it to me at the foot of the cross. My strength came from God, through God. 

I will not allow myself to be confused with God. That does not come from me and it does not indicate my presence. I am a child of God and a helper of humanity. I am a mother. I am the mother of all people, and I am their helper.


January 14, 2022 (2)

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Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen 

There are days that punctuate the story of mankind on Earth. The day which possessed the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a day that punctuated the story of mankind on Earth. The Redeemer returned in his transcendent form, full of power and with the force of the Holy Spirit. How forceful is the force of the Holy Spirit? It possesses more power and more force than anything humanity could create. All of the power used by mankind in any form is but a pitiful expression of the power of God. I, your mother, want you to know this. Why is this important for you to know? 

It is important to know that the limitless power of Jesus Christ, my son, who had just been crucified in his human body and put to death through the pain of the wounds of man, returned in love. He could have exacted revenge, which is another human expression of anguish. He could have destroyed those who tried to destroy him. He loved me without limit, yet he knew my suffering was mine to accept and that I would accept it. In other words, his love for me extended out to every person on Earth, regardless of their behaviour on Good Friday. Jesus returned in complete power and in complete love. 

Why do I wish people to understand the difference between God’s power and the power of man? I want people to recognise that in a very real way, they are powerless. If a person believes they have power, great power, they are like a child pretending in a game. Mankind has no power that is not allowed by God. Did the crucifiers have power over my son? Over me? No. They had no power because my son gave them no power. They were engaging with their fears and aggression, their anger and their envy. These actions, chosen by those who exert temporary control over others, demonstrate a lack of power. My son expressed his divine power by creating, not destroying. My son established an edifice of love for all time, the universal Church, which will represent God for all time. On Earth this edifice is changeable, as man is changeable. In Heaven, this edifice does not change. It pulses love into the world as my son pulsed love into the world. Jesus Christ, my son, left his presence on Earth and promised to remain with humanity until the end of time. This power is the only true power on Earth. Any other power is a pretend power which is temporary, acutely limited, and without the energy needed for true development and growth. 

Why does your mother desire that you know this about God’s power? I want you to know this because if the activities of mankind in the universal Church, God’s Church, resemble the activities of those who exerted temporary control over my son when they mocked him, jeered him, and used him to make themselves feel powerful, they do not act in the interests of Jesus Christ who is God. If mankind does not adjust the universal Church so that it directs the truth about God’s loving power out into the world, God will act to correct it. Those serving in the universal Church see, if they have eyes to see, that God is prompting reform with urgency. Those who resist correct reform will simply be overcome by God’s power, which is unlimited and prompts harmony, not anguish and division. The sorrow felt by those who used our Church for personal, earthly gain will be beyond their belief, even with the mitigation of mercy. 

Only God judges. A mother whose power comes from God can only warn. I am warning all Catholics now. Humble yourselves. Cast yourself into God’s love so you can reflect it. I will help you. Because I am the mother of all people, I am your mother, too. The home of my son’s presence on Earth, the Eucharist, must reflect the restrained power he used when he rose from the human death he experienced. Where power is restrained and reserved for constructive use, there is love. All the actions of God contain love, even when the result is a temporary deconstruction of an edifice. If you love my son, then you will fear nothing. You will love today even more passionately and humbly than you loved before reading these words. There is only hope in God’s interventions. Hope through love. 

Rejoice with me, your mother. We engage with the process of reform with divine energy and strength that comes in each moment.


January 14, 2022 (3)

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Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen 

On Earth, we live each day as one day in a long life. In Heaven, there is no time and all is in the present time. This difference in the human experience of time compared to the heavenly experience is important. You do not have a long life today, you simply have this moment. You do not have a short life today, you simply have this moment. We in Heaven, therefore, consider your experience of time when we work with you, and we also know that time is a temporary experience for you. 

How much time will be needed to reform the universal Church? That is our work and you need not worry about that. You need concern yourself with your moments and ensuring that if you serve in God’s Church, you are spending your time intent on reforming your heart so you can offer it to the Church for its ultimate reform. I want you to be confident and strong. I want you to experience the providence of God as I did. In this way, you will be sure of Heaven in each moment because you will rely on the strength to come. You will be confident that the necessary strength is coming for your life and work in the future. 

Do you worry about the future? Do you wonder what will occur for you during your human moments? Please do not worry. Fill your time instead with delight in all that is beautiful and all that a child of divine creation is entitled to experience. God’s power is evident everywhere. God’s power is evident in homes built for his children to dwell in safe shelter. God’s power is evident in schools that protect learning and resist movements that harm the innocence of children. God’s power is evident in hospitals where vulnerable people are given care and love with no other plan but to serve the suffering. The universal Church, historically, played a large role in creating safe structures to shelter, teach, and heal. If the universal Church is reformed, she will again take up this sacred role, because she will again become worthy of collaboration with God, who wishes only what is good for his children.  

Ask yourself about your moments. Are you using your moments to build? To teach? To care for others? To create what is beautiful in the eyes of God, thereby showing people the nature of God? Heaven would like to draw you more fully into your unique purpose. Perhaps you need to be sheltered, or to learn, or to accept care. You can receive and also give because if you receive with humility you become a representative of God’s power. “How,” you ask. “How can I be a representative of God’s power when I experience human vulnerability and have so many needs?” My beloved children, each human being is vulnerable and needs help, if not today, then on another day. If you accept the suffering of your vulnerability with trust you will become a mediator of God’s power. If you accept the imperfection of your helpers, you will become a mediator of God’s power. If you recognise that Jesus was never more powerful than when he chose not to resist the absurdity of mankind’s lesser instincts, you will embark upon sanctification in a new way, with spiritual gains that give you happiness in your moments. 

When you do not resist vulnerability, but remain fixed on your relationship with God, you resemble Jesus and you resemble me. People who live their moments for God bring about the greatest progress. My purpose has to do with you, my children. My purpose is to help you with your purpose. The more you come to know me, the more you will recognise that I am both a human mother and a spiritual presence in your life, created to help you recognise God’s power. My life, my story, is a testament to God’s divine, creative power. 


January 14, 2022 (4)

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Mary, Mother, Disciple, and Queen 

Are you disposed toward God? Do you ask God about your purpose? Do you wonder if you have willingly received everything you need to fulfil your purpose? Are you connected to God in a way that ensures your work reflects his divine, constructive power? How will you know?

You will know by checking to see if that which you create in your day is productive and if your work brings comfort and care. You will know if your dealings with others are honest and kind and true. How do people experience your contribution, whatever it may be? How do they understand God in you? Are you gentle? Do you try to avoid causing injury? When you think of others, do you strive to be charitable and imagine only what is good for them? And do you then seek to draw them into goodness through your example and your willingness to sacrifice for their advancement? 

My children on Earth who follow my example know that humanity is one family created by God. Each person is your brother or sister, your mother or father, your son or daughter. I am their mother as I am your mother. If you serve humanity, then you are working directly with me in our family. We work for God, our Father, through the Spirit which flows out from him and is communicated to us perfectly through the life and death of Jesus Christ. There is a divine plan for the wellbeing of each person in Heaven. The greater their experience of love on Earth, the more they are prepared to live their life in trust and peace. Will you help me, please?

I ask you directly because God urgently requires reform in the minds and hearts of the people whom he relies upon to serve. You are one of those people. I am looking for you to allow me to draw you into a different way of serving for a different time. The old ways are moving into the past as they always must. The new ways are coming and they include the most enormous amount of mercy, which, while it is not yours to give, you mediate for Christ through your presence if you are humble. 

Humility is the only language for my children to speak. The language of humility recognises that those whom one serves are often holier than their servant, because the recipient has often been given far less and yet receives with gratitude. 

Come into my school of holiness. Study virtue with me. There is no greater teacher than the mother of the light, no greater instructor. As the mother of the light I received the profound and unrepeatable privilege of becoming the first disciple. I became a disciple the moment God united my humanity to his divinity in my womb. I began to study him at that very moment and I began to change. You must change, too. I will help you. As you change, so, too, will our universal Church change. We assemble now as Catholics for the purpose of reforming what ultimately belongs to Jesus Christ. I am the mother of all people, the first disciple, and the Queen of the Church. I accept this role with joy and energy. We will serve together so Jesus can receive what he desires, which is a holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church.