May 22, 2022

Are my followers able to receive my mercy? Can they understand its extent? Are they capable of falling back into it and trusting I will be there to catch them in my arms? I was a true human being on Earth, yet, I am God. I was God then, too. Nobody who encountered me had any doubt about the truth flowing out to them from me, often without the use of language. For some, my presence reassured. For others, it corrected. For still others, my mercy was enraging because they did not like what they saw in the mirror of my physical presence. All of this often occurred without the use of language, as I said. What does that say to you and to all my followers?

Most often, those committed to the Father’s love and the Father’s plan for humanity do not use only religion to communicate God’s love. They simply act as living, breathing agents of that love. Our religious beliefs, yours and mine, have developed you into an accurate representation of the love of God, and that is its purpose. To remain fixated with religion when its goal is to create in you the freedom to love without pause or limit is to create a small opening for love, rather than a fully open vessel through which love can flow into the world. By making this clear to you, I have imparted my burden to you. I have shared it with you. This weight you feel is the burden of the reformer, the refresher, and the reconciler. The Spirit breathes into you through one action and out from you through another. Both actions are crucial. The sacramental life enables one to receive the fullest measure of love and mercy. The fullest measure of love and mercy must then flow out from them.

What if the fullest measure of love and mercy does not flow out? What if that which flows out from a person does not behave like kindness and true compassion, even if they insist it is kindness and true compassion? Is that a sign that my perfect graces do not work? Or is it a sign that the individual does not know how to allow my perfect graces to work through them? Do you understand? The difficulty lies not with me, Anne, but with the recipient of the graces. They then, as you say, do something odd with what they have been given, much like a child might use a plate as a hat. From the parent’s view, this is ridiculous, but understandable. The child lacks full understanding of the purpose of the plate and believes it can be used for a purpose other than the one intended. This is somewhat similar in that I still find the person using the graces incorrectly or incompletely loveable. I know there will come a time when the person will possess the capacity to use the graces fully, in Heaven if not on Earth. But the people themselves could live happier and more authentic spiritual lives with assistance and formation, thus understanding their true worth and their intrinsic value to me. There would be no need to prove this worth to others if they possessed knowledge of it themselves. Thus, there would be less inauthentic virtue, which can become aggressively and even violently opposed to people, as opposed to assertively protective of people. In some cases, religion can be used to harm others and their reputations rather than to heal and protect people in their imperfection.

Why do we offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation? Why do we grant individuals the opportunity to speak privately with one of my priests? The intention is to protect the person’s dignity and allow them to offer me a gift, their small penance, so they understand that we are in communion, partially through their desire to be in communion. The small penance symbolizes their offering to our reconciliation. The grace in the Sacrament is my great, healing offering to the penitent. Can the person receive forgiveness without the Sacrament of Reconciliation? Of course. Many do so, in our Church and throughout the world. However, the great graces available in this Sacrament are healing, and that is what I desire for God’s children through my Church. I desire to give the most that I can. I desire to heal and protect through my Church.

Where this Sacrament is used to harm, to humiliate, or to impart restrictions where none should be imparted, I am not pleased. The Sacrament has been exercised improperly in this case. My graces, though, remain perfect. I will find a way to mitigate for the harm done, if not in that moment then in another moment. My mercy is without limit. My mercy confounds all human understanding. This does not mean that wrong actions against others find a place in my heart. It means that wrong actions find understanding and compassion in my heart. People remain in my heart according to their desire to be in my heart. Was I safe with those who attempted to destroy me? I was humanly unsafe. Did I understand their actions? Yes, I did. Do I understand sin more than any human being could possibly understand sin? Yes, I do. I desire that all of humanity know this and give way to the mystery of my mercy instead of casually condemning people and lives they know little about. I desire that all of humanity understand I am the only accurate judge of guilt and innocence.

If religious practice fails to result in clear waters of unselfish love with a desire to understand others, then the religious practice is not serving its divine purpose.

May 28, 2022

I am the Alpha and the Omega. I come before all things and I will be the ultimate judge of all things. Everything in between, all actions of humankind, will submit to my judgment, free of human opinion and free of human bias or persuasion. I am omniscient. I judge hearts, hearts that prompt actions which either construct love or tear down love. I would be pleased if those who spoke on my behalf consulted me directly. I would be pleased if those who spoke on my behalf included me in their conversations, as the Alpha and the Omega, whom they defer to and serve. In order to possess the correct disposition, people must see themselves as part of a full human story and a full human timeline. If this were the case, people would not hold arrogant positions which place one historical moment above another historical moment.

There will always be those who represent me more accurately, those who do not represent me despite their claims to, and those who represent me to the highest degree. The people of my Church should strive to be in the latter group. The people of my Church should look continually for those from whom the fruits of true kindness and compassion emerge. What work is done in humility and love? What work seeks no human accolade? No reward? What work, from which people, pushes my Kingdom forward into the world? Here is my word of caution. Those who follow me in our Church must be willing to look both inside and outside our Church for examples. The examples are there. Am I asking that we abandon our identity? No. I am asking my followers to refine our identity and advance into it in truth without delay. We must leave behind all that separates people from me.

Human beings have no right, nor any authority, to determine that another should remain separate from me. To do so is to judge. If I am the only true judge of the human heart, then I am the only one who should separate a person from relationship with me. You, those who know me, know I will never do so. I will never relinquish hope for any person created by God. The people themselves, with the free will they have been given, remain free to choose me again and again, regardless of how many transgressions others may assign to individuals. Are you hearing my voice? If you do, then you must begin to think differently. Who is the Alpha and the Omega? I am the Alpha and the Omega. Who are my true followers? Those who recognise me in this way.

May 29, 2022

Our faith structure, the Catholic Church, should be an edifice of open doors. The mystery is in the living Spirit, and is not limited to the actions of people serving our Church. To serve our family, one must be willing to hold doors open, not keep them closed, or worse, lock them against family members. This does not represent me. Those who study me sense that connecting me to judgements which separate people from me causes me grief. Where this is done in a widespread fashion, we see the Church is not robustly merciful and thus has lost its form. People drift away in confusion and disappointment. Much of the dignity of mankind comes through the journey mankind makes to come closer to me. What is the necessary journey now? Where are we moving our Church forward into a healthier, holier family? Humanity has been given great gains, new understandings. Thus, our family must use these understandings to joyfully expand our mercy and to show that true science always points to me. My words are understood by each according to their unique soul and their unique placement in the timeline of humanity. Heed my words accordingly. Ponder them and respond to them with the Spirit who seeks to reform and renew. Believe that you are called to assist me in this work. Believe that we will work together, you, with me. Believe that with me and through me, all things are possible for the protection and growth of our Church on Earth.

Anne’s Comment

My instinct is that the Lord is referencing circumstances where a human evaluative process, which can at times be incomplete and flawed, separates a person from reception of the Eucharist. This is an unfortunately common condition for many Catholics today.

That pastoral reality is very different from a situation where an individual works openly and aggressively against our Catholic teaching, yet continues to receive the Eucharist. Those circumstances fall within the authority of our bishops. We should never allow people behaving this way to disturb our peace, nor alter our disposition of mercy.