Welcome to the Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King. We serve Jesus by saying “yes” to Him each day in our duties. We serve Jesus by cooperating with Him in the process of personal holiness. Jesus never leaves us but sometimes we leave Him. We, as lay apostles, strive to remain with Jesus more completely in each moment so that He can use us to bring light to others.

“I am raising up a tidal wave of Christians to wash over the shore of badness that has taken control of this world, so lovingly created by My Father. This process will cleanse your world, making it safe once again for God’s children. I am going to bring you knowledge, wisdom and love. I am going to introduce you to the divine to make your hearts burn like furnaces of divine love. You will be given the opportunity to work with Me.” (Jesus, Volume Two, p.1.)


The Rescue Mission

Jesus said that we live in an age of disobedience, which means that many souls are living in rebellion to God’s will. He said that we are moving out of this time, toward an age of obedience, when most souls will live in unity with God’s will. The time we are in now is a transition period. A great renewal has begun, a rescue mission for souls. Jesus states that the Second Coming is a process, which will culminate in an event, grand and majestic. We are now in the beginning of the process. We do not know how long this period will last. We do not need to know. Jesus is returning as King. In this initial phase of the process, He returns through each one of us. He is calling souls back to Himself, to serve as beloved apostles. He then floods each returned soul with light, a light which then overflows from the soul into the world. It is in this way that Jesus is restoring light to a world which has grown dark.

Yes, a great renewal has begun. Rejoice, children of God. Do not allow anyone to persuade you that we live in total darkness. There is darkness, yes, but this is not to be feared because it is quickly being dispelled. And while there may be darkness in the world, there is light and calm in the soul of each apostle. Rest in that light and calm when others attempt to draw you to pessimism, cynicism, or fear.

The shift toward obedience will require changes in our souls and in the way we live. Expect these changes. Rejoice in these changes. Jesus does not will fear for His apostles. Fear does not come from Him. Fear, while natural at times, can be a by-product of collaboration with the enemy. Our souls are destined for Heaven and it is for this reason that Jesus has given us a glorious glimpse of our home there. Serve in joy and confidence as there is nothing to fear but a decision against God.

In this time, a powerful army of souls rises up in answer to the call of our Returning King. We agree to live in union with God’s will, embarking on our personal path to holiness. Some of us have been apostles for many years and we have served ably in the world. Nothing has changed. We labor on.

Some of us are new arrivals in the Heavenly army. Our commitment gives great joy to Jesus, Mary, and the saints. As each person returns, a great cry of triumph erupts in Heaven and our brothers and sisters there give praise to God. We grow daily in strength and number. In order to organize and guide us, Jesus has called for the formation of a group He calls the Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King. We serve where Christ has placed us, some in obscurity, and others in the eyes of the world. We accept our crosses and carry them with the certainty that Jesus draws great graces from our cooperation and uses these graces for the conversion of sinners and the good of the Kingdom.

Indeed, the renewal is being fueled by the small daily sacrifice and service of each lay apostle.

Consider a mountain. On that mountain is a path which has been marked out carefully for each of us by Jesus. Jesus is at the top. The world is at the bottom. If we get on that path and begin to climb, we will reach Jesus. We climb the mountain through our daily “yes” to Jesus. People say that they do not know the will of God, but God will not hide His will. We must spend time in silence and ask Jesus and He will tell us where our path lies on this mountain of holiness.

Most of us need look no further than to our vocations. Our path is usually marked out with the daily duties of these vocations and it is always best to begin at that point. In this time of transition, Jesus needs souls to find their path and start climbing. The higher we climb, the more grace and light Jesus flows through us into this world and the greater the number of souls saved. We praise God for the way He allows us to participate in this renewal.

Some speak of darkness and sin and the disobedience of many of our brothers and sisters. This darkness exists and we cannot ignore it. To do so would be to rest in denial. However, when souls talk more about these things than about the glory of Jesus Christ, it is clear that they are facing the wrong way on the mountain. Face up, dear friends! Face Christ! Face Heaven! If you do, you will be filled with Heavenly joy and confidence. If you face down toward the world you will become afraid. Also, when a soul faces the darkness he risks becoming mesmerized by that darkness and drawn down into it. This is very serious. Some souls are so busy studying the darkness that they ignore the light. Counsel souls to face Christ always and they will talk about joy and trust and Heaven.

An important point to remember is that Jesus is far bigger than the Empire State Building, in terms of His power, His love, and His glory. The enemy is comparatively the size of an ant, a very small ant. The devil is like a little fire ant, it is true, in that he stings, but ultimately he cannot topple the Empire State Building. Some souls, even some holy souls, are crowding around the little fire ant, marvelling at his miniscule power. They have forgotten that they do so in the massive shadow of the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. We must all stop admiring the paltry power of the enemy of God and begin our climb with renewed determination, facing Jesus Christ and marvelling aloud at His power and majesty.

Contemplating the process of climbing our personal mountain of holiness should fill us with delight because once we reach the foot of the mountain and begin the ascent we are choosing the company of Jesus and all that surrounds Him. There is no better place for us. Remember that no apostle climbs alone. We are together in the Spirit which unites us and each prayer sends assistance to others on the mountain. All eyes on Christ, dear friends. With Him, we cannot fail.