Dear Friends, 

We are feeling that Autumn energy surge! Is it time for you to take the plunge into happier and more thoughtful living? 

Twenty two people from five countries made the journey with Father Darragh Connolly through 12 weeks (plus one for an unscheduled extra stop on Contemplative Prayer). They explored their relationship to their faith, their religion and their own selves. These Backpackers looked with honesty at the people around them and in many cases upped their game in terms of kindness and compassion. 


Regarding the Adult Backpack group with Annie? What can we say? We’re so proud of them. Many signed on to continue into another group, going further into the teachings. Additionally, since many of the participants are lay apostles, they decided to form their own lay apostle Zoom prayer group!! 

Why is this so wonderful? Because they did the right thing. We all need fellowship to remind ourselves to think higher thoughts and maintain compassion and kindness in our thinking about ourselves and others.

Backpack thinking is a way of life. Once you get it? You do not want to lose it. 

Are you ready to take the plunge? We would love to welcome you into one of our three courses this Autumn. 

With love, 

Team DFOT 

I keep thinking I wish I had known all of this at 15 not 60. I’m amazed to discover that everyone is dealing with these same struggles of knowing one’s self.

I am imperfect. And that is ok. Our society has really pulled a fast one on us – no wonder we are all so burned out. Gratitude every day and looking for what you’re doing right, then do more of it.” 

My favourite lesson was learning that I can rewire my brain to create a better understanding of how to really change my thought processes. The dualistic thinking was also eye-opening for me.”