Our First Thursday Lay Apostle Prayer Meeting in our new home, Tearmann Anama!

We are delighted to share with you some footage from the opening night of our First Thursday lay apostle prayer group held at our new headquarters. As we have shared with you, the headquarters is now named Tearmann Anama (an Irish name meaning ‘Soul Sanctuary’).

Our lay apostle family is a large one, and spread across many countries and continents. We extend an open invitation to every lay apostle to visit us here in Ireland on the first Thursday of every month.

Through Anne, God has promised special graces to those who pray at this location and for those who are prayed for here, also. Here is a video describing the graces available.

There are many lay apostles who will be unable to visit us here. We remain united in prayer and pray in an ongoing way for your intentions. Please click here to submit a prayer request.

God bless,


Fr. Darragh Connolly


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