First published in 2014, Anne gives a rich treatment on how to begin contemplative prayer, offering us another invaluable tool in our journey to personal holiness. In these essays you will find clear instructions on how we can act like “citizens of Heaven” while still on Earth. Transforming Grace contains locutions from St. Francis, a treatment on the Undefended Life, Our Lady Queen of the Church, and many other topics.

“In the Lord’s time, He saw that the Pharisees were focusing on the external performance of men, meaning the Pharisees were all about the law and how the law was being observed. Jesus treated this as a distortion because He knew that the purpose of the law was to lead people into and also protect a relationship with God.” -An excerpt from Citizens of Heaven.

This book is organized into eight parts:

  • Locutions from St. Francis
  • Visions of the Church
  • The Undefended Life
  • Diocesan Priesthood as a Point of Entry for Co-responsible Laity
  • The Resurrected Christ
  • Citizens of Heaven
  • Our Lady Queen of the Church
  • Thoughtful Men and Women of God