Dear ARK(s) and Friends,

Many of us participated in the Operation Hope Campaign. Our goal was to get the Heaven book into the hands of those unfamiliar with the Apostolate and the hope offered through the writings. Thanks to over 700 dedicated apostles who reached out to help spread the books, we have sent out over 10,000 copies of the Heaven book! We were overjoyed with this joint endeavour and the fruits continue to pour in through emails from new people who want more encouragement, more information, and more confidence in God’s presence with us during this time. Thank you all and well done to ARK!

Right now, we are up to something else.

We want to help evangelize in Spanish more than ever. One way we need to do that is to ensure that everything available in English is also available in Spanish. We currently have all 20 Heaven Speaks booklets ready to be printed in Spanish. This is a response to so many of our Spanish-speaking lay apostle evangelists who have run out of books.  

Our goal is to raise $30,000. To date, thanks to all of you, we have raised $17,000. The reason for this campaign is that we need to replace many of the titles that are out of stock in English, too. To be clear, these are SUPER challenges and these are the challenges we want. Going through a large number of books, booklets, and Volumes is the dream for Christ to draw people closer to him. 

Yes, the Apostolate is spreading faster than ever and our need to reprint increases by the year. This year, the year of the Apostolate’s 20th anniversary, is thankfully no exception. Please consider donating to our Printing Fund using the button below. 

God Bless,