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First of 12 Messages Series- March 10, 2018
Second of 12 Messages Series- April 5, 2018
Third of 12 Messages Series- May 14, 2018
Fourth of 12 Messages Series- July 28, 2018
Fifth of 12 Messages Series- August 18, 2018
Sixth of 12 Messages Series- Febraury 14, 2019
Seventh of 12 Messages Series- March 19, 2020
Eighth of 12 Messages Series- May 17, 2020

Passion Locutions Introduction
First Passion Locution- February 19, 2018
Second Passion Locution- February 20, 2018
Third Passion Locution- February 21, 2018
Forth Passion Locution- February 22, 2018
Fifth Passion Locution- February 23, 2018
Sixth Passion Locution- February 26, 2018

New Series of 12 Locutions

Please note: To date, 8 of these 12 Messages have been received.

Eighth of 12 Messages Series

May 17, 2020


I speak to you today to share the gift of heavenly perspective. Perhaps you wonder if Heaven is attached to the difficulties in the world. The answer is yes. Heaven is very much attached to the struggles faced by God’s children in the world. We are one family, after all, and that which affects one, affects all. The saints in Heaven, those who have gone before you, feel deeply for your suffering. They feel deeply because so few of the people facing this time are confident about my presence and about their next life. And there is a next life. There is a next life here with me, Jesus Christ, who loves you most completely. My friends, there are many things to remember that will console you. One, nobody has more power than God. The Father retains complete dominion over the world he created. The Holy Spirit blows gently at times and at times more powerfully, but the Holy  Spirit remains present to those who are disposed.

What must one do to be disposed to the Holy Spirit? One must be open to one’s condition as a child of God, a created being. 

A created being does not create what is good without God, regardless of one’s beliefs about God. A created being does not create and use that which is bad for people with God, regardless of one’s beliefs about God. Therefore, let it be said that when a person creates something which is used to hurt humanity, they do so without God and they are acting separately from God.   

Why do I speak with you this way today? Because you must quietly discern all that moves around you. Ask yourself this question. Is the remedy being offered to people helping humanity or hurting humanity? If it is helping, then you know I am active. If it is hurting humanity, then you know that it is not what I desire for people. Because you cannot possibly judge any person, you leave all judgement to me.  The truth is that sometimes people believe they serve to help others when really they spread harm. I do not want this. I want all of God’s children on Earth to be loved and assisted. At the very least, I ask that God’s children not be deliberately harmed. If I am speaking to you, then you should heed my words, which you have now been given. If I am speaking to others, then you should simply discern prayerfully which part of these words are for you. Ponder my words. Ask for light from the Holy Spirit. Ask for protection from the Creator who desires what is good for you.

My friends, and you are all my beloved friends, move gently through your days, neither detaching from your role on Earth nor remaining too attached to temporary matters which will pass away. Remember that love and loving connections of light will remain with you for eternity. Speak with confidence about my plan for this world, especially when you are offered that which feels empty of hope. 

I am light. I am peace. I am happiness and joy and love. I am hope and delight. You, my beloved, fill me with hope and delight, just as you are right now. Only I have the eyes to fully recognise what is beautiful and heavenly in you. I look at you and see an infinite ability to spread peace through your trust in me. You cannot see this because you cannot see the effect of even one action of love from you to another. Only I can see the effects that blow into the world through the trust that you offer to me. Come. Let us, together, introduce many origins of love which can move then out into the world from one person to another. Today, we will spread my love, together.

Seventh of 12 Messages Series

March 19, 2020


The world groans quietly in her suffering. What will help relieve the suffering of the people who do not know God? Knowledge of God will relieve the suffering. When people can look to a leader who has all of the power that could ever exist, with all of the wisdom that could ever be, and know for certain that their needs and interests are safe with this loving authority, they do not worry or fret.

Instead, they proceed in their professions, in their studies and in their pursuits of wellbeing for themselves and for the people around them. My friends, I ask that you do this now. I am intently interested in those things that intently interest you. If you feel you have lost something or that you will lose something in the future, give it to me, so that I can save what you need to have saved and lose that which you do not require.

If everything in this world is temporary, then what is permanent? Human connections of love and affection and care are permanent. Those connections create permanent light which lives on in the next world. Connections of love and affection, you see, include me. I am in those moments and I am working for people in those communications, even if my name is never mentioned and even if I remain unknown to the people involved. Create many, many connections of love and affection because those will live forever. When there is laughter that reflects delight and joy? I am there. When there is forgiveness and acceptance? I am there. If there is sacrifice from one person for the good of another? I am there and I am rewarding the person who makes the sacrifice in a way that will be visible in the future. One might say, ‘I am blessed that this event occurred for me. This is my heart’s desire.’ Be assured that I am there. Why? Do you think that your kindest offerings from the past are ignored by me? Can it be that your contribution to the wellbeing of others is unseen by me? It simply is not and cannot be the case when I am the one who inspires your thoughtful and positive contributions to others.

I love you, dear people of God. I am with you. All will be well for you because I remain close by in every one of your moments. Be at peace that where you are uncertain, I am certain. I possess full information and will work steadily through many to give the world the information required for peace and safety.

Sixth of 12 Messages Series

February 14, 2019


There are many ways that renewal can come to my Church. There are as many ways to bring about renewal as there are Catholics who love me. Each of these ways is sown into each day. Yes, in each moment there are opportunities for renewal in my Church. How will you know if someone is working toward my goal of renewal? This is an important question. It is important because once you answer the question in your mind and heart, I expect you to work only toward renewal and not against renewal. Do you understand? Are you willing to be humbled by me if you are working against renewal? Only you can answer that question and it is an important question for your soul. 

Someone is working toward renewal in my Church if they are talking about me. Someone is working toward renewal in my Church if they recognise that the Pontiff, chosen by me, is listening to me. Someone is working toward renewal if he is leading others into a future of development, of greater holiness and also of openness to my mother and her role in the protection of the Church. Will Mary, our beloved mother, draw people away from unity in the Church? Disunity will never come from the Mother of the Church and the Queen of the Church. Our greatest saint, Mary, will always protect unity in the Church on Earth. Mary leads our people into harmony, peace and service. Mary leads our people into hope and excitement about the possibility of my Church drawing the world into health and strength. Mary will always lead to fidelity to the magisterium. Are you devoted to Mary, the mother of our Church? Then you will be working toward unity in the Church. You will be working to bring the mercy of God to each person created by God. You will be serving the leadership I have chosen, not self-appointed leadership which can only destroy peace in our Church on Earth.

Know that the Church in Heaven is intact. Know that saints gone before you desire your success. Do you want to be successful in playing your part for me? Then you must desist from any effort to draw away from unity in the Church. The results for you will be serious if you engage in conversations or activities that weaken unity. I arrange for you to hear this so that you can be warned. If someone is attempting to deconstruct what Peter established, then that person is not my champion. You must look elsewhere for companionship. My hope for renewal lies partially in your commitment to me. Will you serve me? I am asking you personally and in my request is also an instruction. Remain faithful to my Church. Hold your position of fidelity. Focus intently on following the leadership offered by the Holy Father. 

Fifth of 12 Messages Series

August 30, 2018


“In time, events rise and fall. When you come to Heaven and study your life, you will see that graces were always available to you. My desire for each of my followers is that they accept the grace that I send, in each moment, for peace. For those who accept my grace, peace is easily restored after periods of distress. For those who study my graces as they accept them, peace remains with them in each day and in each moment in each day. My friend, do you feel peaceful? Are you prepared to advance into the period to come? Have I done everything possible to equip my apostles to remain clear-sighted during confusing times? I believe that I have given you everything necessary. Here is another question. Do you wish to retain your peace? Do you wish to remain faithful to me and to the Church that I suffered to establish? If your answer to those questions is ‘yes’, then I am certain that you have all that you need to proceed with your time serving quietly and happily, despite sufferings that you endure. If your answer to those questions is ‘yes’ then I know that you will grow in holiness, day by day, because of your closeness to me and your decision to allow me to direct your time on Earth. I want you to be happy and full of joy. Joy is for you, my beloved apostles. Let others do what they will. Let us proceed into the world with apostolic joy and gladness. There is enormous joy available right now, in this day, because Heaven sends extraordinary graces for our Church. The most important part of your service to me is that you receive these extraordinary graces for joy in this time. If you receive them, you can offer them to others. Talk about me, please. I am so pleased that the leader I have chosen points constantly to me. He loves me and brings my love to others. Do you love me? Do you bring my love to others? Do you trust me to care for my Church tenderly and constantly? I will never abandon my Church. I am with you in the Eucharist. Do you visit me there and ask for peace? For guidance? Please. I am asking you to remain close to me and talk about me. Let others endlessly discuss the challenges of the times. I want you to talk about me. My love for my children, all of my children, means that I have hopes in you. There are little assignments today that only you can fill. Will you fill these opportunities for me? Will you listen to my gentle movements in your heart? I feel so close to you. Do you feel close to me? My beloved apostle, we walk together. We walk in fidelity to our Church and to the man I have chosen to lead it during this period. Be confident that you will understand exactly what Heaven needs from you in each day if you remain in peace with me.”

Fourth of 12 Messages Series

July 28, 2018


“There are many men and women who serve me. I thank each one of them. My gratitude is made known in their detachment from worldly goals. There can be a balance between the two, heavenly goals and earthly goals, but with my true servants, the side of Heaven always carries the day. I am offering these few words to my friends because I am looking for courage. My dear friends offer me many days of their life or many moments in their days. Many have offered me gifts of great value and also gifts of small value but which are exceedingly valuable to me. All of your gifts console me and fill me with hope about the future of our faith presence in the world. My friends, when I ask for courage, I am asking for a quiet and firm disposition toward unity in our Church. There must be no divisive conversation. There must be no pretence that one accepts a side that is against unity. If one sees a side against unity in our Church, then one is seeing the side of my enemy. My enemy is personal, but also universal. He is your enemy. If you believe that you can turn a spirit to its opposite disposition then I am telling you today that you must leave that to me.

I am asking you for courage and I am also asking you to stand down from conversations with those who seek to divide our Church. You may wonder why I make two seemingly conflicting requests. I will tell you.

Courage is needed to advance the development of our Church. There must be total and intense focus on the developments I am seeking. Hard work is needed to move our religion of love into a dynamic force which will maintain God at its centre. My friends, I can see the risk in distraction. I can see the threat in energy directed against growth. You must listen to me with humility. You need not have answers that are beyond you or that you do not require today. It is often enough for you to have instructions and direction. With those, you may proceed, confident that with your small effort I can achieve large movements. I take your effort and combine it with the small effort of another, perhaps a person you will not know on Earth, and I obtain the outcome I desire. You must trust me. My wisdom is quietly filling those who’s humility will entertain it. My wisdom works steadily and often the events which are the most meaningful to my effort, seem almost insignificant to you. This thought is lovely for you. You will be on Earth for a short time, even in a long life, but there are those who will come after you and in a certain day in the future, they will need what you offer in the present. Do you understand what I am saying to you? My plans are far reaching. My plans construct a movement of love that acts like a magnet for the Father. People cannot resist love because they were created to be loved. Let us focus together, with the greatest courage, on fashioning a true faith that most accurately reflects the Father’s force of love.

Be courageous if you are called to serve in the development of this movement of love. Ask yourself this question. ‘What do these words mean for me, in my life and in my work?’ Sit quietly with this question and my wisdom will come to you. When I bring you the courage you need, accept it, and you will be amongst the bravest men and women on Earth.”

Third of 12 Messages Series


May 14, 2018


My blessings rain down on our Church on earth. Always, I send blessings of the most sublime and powerful nature.  The graces sent through the Sacraments possess the power to heal and to sanctify in a way that is absolutely unique to the person receiving the graces. Only through the Sacraments can a person receive the power of Heaven directly in this way.

Can it be true that people do not want these graces? Is it possible that any person would reject what is available to them in the Sacraments? No. It is not the case that people understand what Heaven offers and refuse it. It is more accurate to say that people have become distracted from the power of the Sacraments and that they have been prompted to believe that some are more worthy of these graces than others. No one can be worthy of what God sends freely. Man is the recipient of the Father’s exceptional benevolence.  Man is the recipient of the Father’s hope, not for one man but for all men created by Him. Do you understand?

Each person must receive Sacramental graces and grow in confidence. The Father loves each person. Accepting this  reality is paramount to growth, for the individual and also the Universal Church. Do you receive these Sacramental graces with confidence? Are you certain of your Father’s love for you? Do you accept that the Father wishes to communicate this same love to every person you encounter?

Beloved children of the one Father, if the graces in the Sacraments are leading you to serve others, then I know that you are accepting them with a disposition of humility. If you believe the graces in the Sacraments are leading you to create division, then I know that you are in error. You, too, must accept that you are in error. If you refuse to accept that My goal is unity in the Church, as well as constant development in the Church, then you must withdraw yourself from conversations about the Church, as opposed to offending me personally by furthering efforts aimed at disunity. Efforts at division are not sanctioned by Me.

Read these words carefully. I am with you as you read them. I wish you joy and peace and love throughout every day of your life on earth. I want you to trust Me, Jesus Christ, to guide you. I am guiding you to humility and service and I am guiding My Church to humility and service. I am guiding you to trust that My overall goals for the Church are in sight and that if we work together, in harmony, these crucial and timely goals will be achieved.

Turn back from conversations or actions which lead away from My goals. I am asking you directly to work for harmony and unity in My Church on earth. I am asking you to work with Me.

Second of 12 Messages Series

April 5th, 2018


“I am looking at mankind with eyes of hope. Who will help me? That is the question that I ask in every time. I search tirelessly for people who recognise My call to holiness. There are those who serve the Church, but they forget that the call to holiness comes before the call to preach the Gospel message. Who will help me? I ask that question and look for those who are working to become holier each day. Without a commitment to personal holiness, a person’s ability to impact others decreases. The Gospel message is compelling. It is timeless. It is full of love and hope. But, my beloved friends, when people relax their efforts to become holier, they lose the force needed to convict others. You may believe that My call is unfair, given its requirement of personal sacrifice. You may believe that the cost is too high for you to pay. To remain faithful to Me, you must sometimes put yourself and your personal plans in the second place and My plan in the first place. You are no different than any other follower in any other time. On earth, I put My father’s plan before My own desires. Would I have asked for a different experience for My mother? Can you imagine that I wanted her to suffer? I did not want her to suffer, anything, ever. She was the greatest joy of My life. But I subordinated my human wishes for her to the eternal plan of the Father and she wanted this for Me. She wanted the Father’s will for her life and for mine, too. Do you understand? We were both willing to sacrifice what was temporary for what was eternal. You must be willing to do so, too. I did not suffer alone in the sense that she accompanied Me to My death. You do not suffer alone, either, in the sense that we are with you. Our mother, Mary, wishes to assert her feminine strength in this time. She looks at mankind with eyes of hope, too. Who will help her? Who will help Me? This is the question we ask of you. Do not count personal cost, My friends, because you will be rewarded far beyond your ability to give. We reward you in sublime ways. I have great hope for mankind and part of that hope must be realised through My Church. Will you help me to establish and maintain unity in the Church? Will you be a person who follows in My footsteps? With humility? Will you trust Me to protect the Church and her earthly mission? I am asking you directly. Will you help Me?”

First of 12 Messages Series

March 10, 2018


What do I need from the people of My Church? I need fidelity. Many claim they are faithful but they make war on the Church. When an enemy comes directly to one’s door, from the outside, one is prepared. When an enemy emerges from within one’s home, one is more vulnerable. My children, I do not wish you to become an enemy in My earthly home, the Church. Follow the leadership I have arranged for you, in a manner that is humble and determined, and you will see My Spirit blossoming in a way that is both fresh and compelling. Where are My beloved children? Why do they flee from our assembly? Is it I? Have I changed or demanded that they leave our Church? No. It is not I. I have watched in pain as  many people have been made to believe that they are somehow less worthy than the unworthy, that they are not welcome or not received by Me. The truth is that sinners do not cause Me to fret. You are all sinners and you are all welcome. Who is driving God’s children from our Church? Ask yourself that question and do not point to the man I have chosen to lead My Church. He is in My care and I am pleased that he is following My direction. Do you wish to argue with the Holy Spirit in him? Then you must look to Me, and do so silently in prayer. Perhaps I can help you to see that the people in every assembly are unworthy. God did not create you to be perfectly worthy on earth but to be loved and to grow and grow in holiness and happiness. Would you say that every person starts at the same point? Do you believe you can judge? You are attempting to usurp My role if you believe this and you are also damaging My Church. Stop. I am asking you to stop pretending that you are Me. I am the judge. You are the ones who will be judged. I am looking deeply into your heart. If you are dissuading people from belief and total trust in My mercy, then I am asking you to stop.

Passion Locutions

Dear Friends,

During Lent 2018 Anne recorded six locutions on the Passion. We believe these new messages on The Passion have been offered by the Lord to help us gain a better understanding of His sacrifice. 

“These messages on the Passion of Jesus are among the most profound, the most encouraging, the most loving and the most merciful that I have ever encountered” Dr. Mark Miravalle, Theologian.   

In addition to these locutions on the Passion, we also want you to know that Anne has received the first of another series of locutions. On Good Friday, we will send the first of these out. We get a serious feel from its tone and pray that everyone will receive this message on Good Friday in humility and willingness to be led.

As with all of our work, these writings have been initially cleared by our local authority and also by a theologian. They are consistent with our faith. When these writings are put into a book, we will apply for a formal Imprimatur, as we always do. But you can be confident that everything we offer is consistent with our teachings and supports both personal holiness and unity in our Catholic Church.

Lay Apostles, let us dispose ourselves toward God with gratitude and a spirit of service to our Church, because it belongs to Jesus, who loves us all so much.

Below are the six Passion Locutions

With love,

The DFOT Team


First Passion Locution- February 19, 2018
Second Passion Locution- February 20, 2018
Third Passion Locution- February 21, 2018
Forth Passion Locution- February 22, 2018
Fifth Passion Locution- February 23, 2018
Sixth Passion Locution- February 26, 2018

First Passion Locution

February 19, 2018


“My Passion was offered to the Father as an example of human love perfected. Can a person live in the world, with all that it offers, and maintain a perfect position of love toward the Creator? Yes. I proved that it could be done. I was divine, even in my humanity, but I subordinated my divinity so that mankind would see that if one will only put the Father first, love will surround him and he will live in joy. I lived in joy. Do you believe it? Can people understand that I put the Father first and still existed in perfect joy? It is true. I did. 

When one is in unity with the perfect love of one’s Creator, joy is not only possible, it is an unchosen state. When I say unchosen, I mean that it is so spontaneous that one finds oneself in joy unexpectedly. One chooses the Father, and one then experiences joy. One is tempted to sin, and one chooses instead the Father’s way, and one then experiences joy. There seems to be a time elapsing between the temptation, the choice for righteousness, and then the joy. Children of the Father, there is no time elapsing. Time ceases to be for those who remain fixed in love and fidelity toward the Father. These temptations that come float by. To be tempted is not to be sinful and there is no method of sin attaching to an apostle who has decided completely for the Father. One can be immersed in temptation, but if one simply continues to choose the righteous path, that person remains safe in the Father’s love. 

Truly, if thoughts are directed to God then people will experience life as a journey through a beautiful world. Mankind is with God in the world insofar as he chooses God’s ways and God’s thoughts. My wounds, suffered for the sins of mankind, should be viewed as demonstrations of My love, which always reflects the Father’s love. When a person says that he loves someone, it is a good thing. When a person says that he loves someone, then uses his very body to protect that someone, there is little doubt that his sentiments of love are both true and deeply held. I did that for you. My sentiments of love for each of God’s children are true and deeply held. I love you, dear child of the Father. I am connected to you intimately as one who has offered one’s own life for another. We have a bond, you might say, an intimate bond that will never cease to be. I look at you steadily, craving notice. When you look at my wounds, do you see how much I love you? That is what I want you to see. I want you to look at my crucified form and believe that you are worth total love, total dedication, total immolation. You are worth everything there is and everything there will be. Any sacrifice is acceptable when it comes to your eternal life. Many people will be saved through my sacrifice and I will be in intimate relationship with them for eternity. But I hope for something more. I hope that you will begin an intimate relationship with me now. 

I will repeat myself. When you view my wounds, please accept them as evidence of my total personal love for you.”

Second Passion Locution

February 20, 2018


Why does it benefit people to study my Passion? Why does the sacrifice of one person for the good of another inspire us and console us? My friends, when we see heroic human sacrifice, everything trivial is stripped away. We look and we understand. God created humanity for noble goals. The hopes of the Father are realised when, against all worldly thinking, one person sacrifices himself, his well-being or his wealth for the good of another person. 

In families this is most common because when people know each other intimately, they do love each other and view each other as valuable and important. In families where this unconditional and full commitment to the good of each other is absent, for any reason, the individuals may be without awareness of their foundational worth. For those people who feel unloved, we must work hard to persuade them that they are crucial members of the family of God. That is our work if we serve the Father. Why was I convinced that my very life should be given over to the plans of the Father? My friends, I was in the world but I was aware of the next life for everyone I met. My cross directs the eye to the next world. My lifeless form does not prompt despair, because I overcame My death through the Resurrection. Do you see? Death is not the last thing. It is only the last thing on earth, in the human experience. I want my cross and my lifeless form on the cross to prompt people to think of their next life, their heavenly home and all of the hope that comes with those thoughts. When someone looks at the cross and me on it, lifeless, they should remember that sacrifice is temporary. Eternal life is permanent. The lesson offered from the cross is one of hope in the unconditional love of the Father, in sending Me, yes, but also allowing Me to give in totality for the wellbeing of each person ever created by the Father. My cross should prompt one to study deep and complete conviction, along with complete trust and hope in the Father’s presence and the Father’s plan. Do not think when you are maligned or misunderstood that the Father also misunderstands you. The Father loves you, in every situation. You are understood. You will be safe in Heaven and every sacrifice and suffering will be rewarded and celebrated.  Be deeply peaceful when you study my Passion. It is a sign of both love and determination.

Third Passion Locution

February 21, 2018


For those who follow My way, I offer ongoing prompts and direction. The experience of following My way will be different than if you do not follow My way. In following Me, you will have My direction, yes, but you may not be certain about how to achieve what I am directing you to do. Be at peace in this uncertainty. You will have all that you need to bring about My will for you and My plans for you. Do you see that there exists in this the opportunity to live in peace, even in uncertainty? When you trust in Me and My goodness, you recognise that you live in perfect safety, regardless of what is happening around you. Who will stop Me? I offered My life for you and then, after the sacrifice was complete, I returned to life from the dead. Do you understand? There will be no enemy against you who is stronger than God and I am God. When you look at My still form on the cross, see Me as God, who stops at nothing, not even death, to establish your safety in the kingdom. If I am willing to die for you, am I not willing to remain with you in every moment?

Contemplate this. Your Saviour has given His life so that you may be protected from the death that is caused by sin. If I am willing to forgive my murderers, and even beg the Father to forgive them, how serious will I be about protecting those who love me and serve Me? You are everything to Me. I feel such deep personal love for you that I will remain on duty and alert during every moment of your life. I did not save you so that you could be lost, but continually found by Me. I do not change My sentiments for you. In each moment you feel discouraged or anguished, I remain with you, prepared to comfort and console you and also help you to recover from all distress. When you look at my cross and Me lifeless on it, I want you to remind yourself, again and again, that I am God with you, ever present in your moments. You have only to turn the eyes of your soul to my eyes. I am there. I am always there. My eyes are full of love for you. Please remember My love. My love overcomes any guilt that you may feel. I did not die for you because you would be perfect on earth, but because you would make mistakes and take actions harmful to yourself or other people. I knew this and I loved you perfectly in this reality. I did not want you to be overcome by your mistakes. I knew you would need to recover, again and again, in My love. I knew you would need to be freed from your guilt and so I absorbed every bit of it in my body on the day they crucified Me. Please understand that this was my great joy. I wanted to do this for you because of your beautiful goodness. Right now, I see all of your goodness even though you may not be feeling confident about your goodness.

We are a team, you and I together. I will bring out more and more goodness from you by noticing it for both of us. Any goodness in you delights Me and in prayer, I show your goodness to you so that you, too, can be delighted. In prayer, we are together in a profound way. By studying My Passion and My determination to sacrifice fully for each of God’s children, you will find your determination to sacrifice for Me, and for our Father’s goals. 

Fourth Passion Locution

February 22, 2018


“When we gaze into a still lake, we can see our own reflection. I am that way, too. When you gaze at My figure on the cross, you see Me, and My love for you, but you also come to see yourself reflected back. Spending time with Me acts as a mirror and you begin to understand yourself better. Why is this important? Because when you understand my physical brokenness on the cross and feel compassion for Me, you come to understand your own brokenness and feel compassion for yourself. I want this for you. I want you to be loving toward yourself and understanding and compassionate. When you accept that I submitted to a plan that was bigger than one day, you can learn that your difficult days, also contribute to a greater plan than you can see in one moment. You can learn to trust in God’s outcomes, even when your life seems full of pain and suffering and uncertainty. God’s outcomes are so full of love and truth that any suffering is quickly obscured. When you can see the value in suffering, it becomes easy to bear, such as physical labour for a physical goal. ‘It is worth it’ one thinks to one’s self. When you can see no value to suffering, such as in the case when innocence is offended and injured, there is a great need to trust in the certainty that the Father will bring both healing and justice. This need is the difference between peace and often grave disturbance and even torment. The Father wills recovery for all. Recovery is available and it is a certainty in the heavenly kingdom. But often, through prayer, recovery comes on earth and any suffering you endure contributes to enormous development. I want this for you. I want you to benefit from any cross you have carried. I want you to know that I am with you in any cross you carry today. I will lead you to the answers just as the Father led me through My life. I have the answers for you.

In a human relationship, imperfection is expected and negotiated. Can you accept that in our relationship, which is unrepeatable, there will also be times when you feel good about us and times when you are unsure of us? My beloved friend, put your trust in Me and you will not be disappointed. Our relationship moves through these periods as you develop. I do not change. In all relationships there must be humility and constancy. In our relationship, this is necessary, too. Come to me in prayer, in trust and in hope, regardless of how you feel. In those prayer times when you feel less, you are gaining more, believe Me, please. Relationships must advance and grow and that is what happens in your relationship with Me, which is very real, as you will know when you finish your time on earth. For now, look for signs that I am with you. Look for Me in your day and assume I am there. When you look with the eyes of faith, you will see Me in many moments, through people and circumstances. In your greatest suffering, you will see glimpses of My presence. When you see these glimpses of Me, great and small, remember that you are loved and that you are full of potential for greatness. I did a big thing when I gave my human life for you. I did this so that you could do small things each day, with great hope, confident that the small things you do contribute to My Kingdom remaining present on earth and growing. Know that you are important to Me, today and every day, first because you are loved and secondly because you are needed.”

Fifth Passion Locution

February 23, 2018


I want to offer a promise to everyone who desires a relationship with Me. My promise is this: I will thin your perception of distance between us. If you want to have a relationship with Me that is intimate and constant, I will help you to remain disposed toward Me. This is the time to rely on Me. If you are struggling, then this is your answer. Come into a closer relationship with Me, which I will support, and you will come to know Me in a way that changes your perspective of your struggles and fills you with hope. I want this for you. Do you want this for you? Do you want this for Me? Talk to Me in your heart about your worries and hopes and I will show you how to change your life if it needs to change.

 If you are not struggling, then you must believe that this is a good time to begin a more personal and constant relationship with Me. This increased knowledge of My presence will stand to you on this day and on every day. Do you want to know what I hope that you will do every day? Then you must turn toward Me and learn to both ask Me and listen to My answer. Do not be afraid that your life will become hard if you follow Me. The opposite is true. Your life will become peaceful and calm. I want you to have a happy life, full of laughter, despite any trials. All human beings are called to serve each other. To do so in joy makes the service a gift to self and other. Your service to each other becomes your delight when you think like Me. To help the people around you and to accept help from them is to live in the Kingdom of God, where the need of one is the need of all.

Remain close to Me and I will show you how to do all of this without even thinking. Rather, I will show you My way of being. When you accept from Me freely, and also give freely, I can give you more and more. A generous heart will draw from Heaven in a profound way, steadily and always with a surplus. What would I withhold from you? Nothing. I cannot resist you. We are meant to be together and you are meant to live a life which is constantly supported by Me. You need consolation at times. I suffered intense loneliness at times during My life. I chose the Father’s will always and this meant that My heart remained alert to Him first. You have Me to help you to live this way. I want to do this for you. I watch you trying and you are so full of goodness. I can help you to know you are loved and to live as though you are the Father’s only child, the heir to all. Please trust and believe that at every moment I am seeking contact with you. Turn your thoughts to Me and you will see that I am there, waiting, as alert to you as I was to My Father.

Sixth Passion Locution

February 26, 2018


How does My Passion speak to people of every age, in every time? People can be confused by the events of their time. People can become distracted by the events of their time. People, however, recognise love. Love is a universal language, a constant communication of God. Who, around you, loves? That person represents Me in that when you see love you will know that I am near. Who speaks of love? Who offers actions that communicate love? Who stands for love and remains aloof to distraction and despair? Love, sometimes only love, changes hearts, prompts repentance and frees a person from defensiveness enough to acknowledge his or her guilt in relation to the failure to love. Do you see what I am telling you? We will not bring people to the Father through anything but love. And so, my friends, are you studying love? Are you trying to become more perfect in love? Do you love yourself in the sense that you understand that your wounds are important to Me. Your suffering is visible to Me. Just as you gaze at My Passion and feel determination to remain faithful to Me, I gaze at your sufferings and I remain determined to comfort you. There are times when I spare you suffering, supernaturally, because it will not benefit you or others. If you are not spared suffering, and you are carrying a cross, remember that I allow it for your growth and for the salvation of those who need help. Your suffering, like Mine, is allowed by the Father in a temporary way so that we can offer sacrifice for others. These crosses we carry with determination are proof of our commitment to our Creator, who never pauses in pulsing love into the world. Our Father was able to send pulsations of love through Me. Is He able to send them through you? Do not ask yourself if the person you are thinking of is worthy of love. That person IS loved. And that is all you must know. The Father loves all of His children and so must we. Today, ask yourself if you are actively loving people. ‘Am I active in my obligation to love?’ That is your question. Every day I spent on earth, I loved actively. So must you. We must love as a decision, with such force that the world changes. Love does change people. You know this because you have already changed because of My love for you. Focus on offering My love to others and you will live a life truly following Me, Jesus Christ.