I wish to enroll in The Apostolate of the Returning King. I agree to pray the Allegiance Prayer each day. Additionally, I will strive to treat others with the Lord’s patience and kindness. As my journey continues, I hope to learn more about the guidelines of this Apostolate and the teachings of the Catholic faith.

By submitting this form, you agree to have your information stored for the purposes of maintaining membership records and that you are happy for us to contact you with news of the Apostolate.

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As Apostles of the Returning King, we agree to perform our basic obligations as practicing Catholics. Additionally, we will adopt the following spiritual practices, as best we can:

1. Allegiance Prayer and Morning Offering, plus a brief prayer for the Holy Father
2. Eucharistic Adoration , one hour per week
3. Prayer Group Participation, monthly, at which we pray the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and read the Monthly Message
4. Monthly Confession
5. Further, we will follow the example of Jesus Christ as set out in the Holy Scripture, treating all others with his patience and kindness.

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