Why Are Calendars So Important?

Calendars are one of the most requested items from prisoners. Through this rescue mission we are able to welcome the incarcerated to the love, assistance, and forgiveness of Jesus. We are able to provide a little thread of communication and connectedness with Heaven. Our hope is to be able to provide calendars free of charge to the incarcerated, in the faith that Jesus will comfort these adolescents and adults and one day is able to use them in his ministry. 

Letters we receive from these lay apostle prisoners are overflowing with gratitude. Some prisoners even send us donation checks for a few dollars to sponsor other prisoners. Some are taking the initiative and spreading this ministry by sharing their calendars with others and asking if other prisoners want to be ‘adopted’.  

Give the gift of a calendar to a prisoner. 

For the last two years, we offered the option to purchase a calendar for both yourself and a prisoner and were overwhelmed by your response! If you’d like to give the gift of the calendar to a prisoner, select the ‘Buy One, Give One to a Prisoner’ option and we’ll ship you your calendar, and mail another calendar to a person in prison who has requested one. Each year we receive hundreds of requests for calendars from those currently incarcerated. With your help, we hope to send a calendar to every prisoner who asks.

Your involvement is critical to the success of our Prison Ministry Program. Without you, we are unable to share these calendars with the incarcerated. Thank you again for your help.

Donate to Share Heaven’s Words

Shipping and printing costs have steadily increased over the last few years. If you’d like to donate to help cover postage to a prison or the printing of cases of calendars, we created a one-time donation campaign. We added various impact levels, with the least expensive being $5. Just one $5 donation directly impacts someone’s life. Through this $5, we are able to share this calendar. Please share this page with your family and friends.