Dear Friends,

We are so excited to confirm that we will be premiering the Heaven film at the Chicago weekend of formation. This one hour film beautifully depicts the experiences of Anne regarding the next life as laid out in the book Climbing the Mountain. We will offer a viewing of the whole film at the Rosary Hill event. We are eager to get this film in your hands (later in the Autumn) because we believe it will be a great resource for family members or friends who are not practicing. What’s more, it can be offered in parishes and at home events. There are many options for using this beautifully produced and directed treatment of the experiences of Anne in Heaven.

Additionally, we will be offering an introduction to The Backpack Program with the opportunity for questions, answers, and support regarding implementation. This is a good opportunity for anyone who has wondered about presenting The Backpack Program anywhere at all. This formation program has been granted a formal Imprimatur, which will be helpful in efforts to place it within parishes or diocesan youth efforts. The program has also been run in many venues with varying age groups.

Because Rosary Hill is our Headquarters in the United States, we will be able to offer books at bulk prices and also our new calendar for next year.

Friends, this is a weekend you do not want to miss and we hope to see you there!


Fr. Darragh Connolly