Dear Apostles of the Returning King and Friends,

In the month of September, we started inviting all registered Apostles of the Returning King to join us for a live conference call with Anne. Many of you joined us and it was such joy to be united in this way. 

We want as many of you to join us on these by-weekly calls as possible. For that reason, we invite you to consider enrolling an Apostle of the Returning King to make sure you receive the email with the link every second Tuesday.

Enrolling simply means that we agree to pray the Allegiance prayer each day. Additionally, we strive to treat others with the Lord’s patience and kindness. As our journey continues, we hope to learn more about the guidelines of this Apostolate and the teachings of the Catholic faith.

To Enroll, just fill in the details below and hit submit!

Once you have enrolled as an ARK, we will send you an email with the link to join this call. 

Below is an excerpt from the last conference call. Please share this with prayer group members, friends, and family members and make sure they have enrolled too!

With every blessing,