by an apostle of the Returning King

     I used to wish God would be a little more specific when I needed advice or guidance. I used to think (sourly) that maybe if God would TELL me what to do and how to do it, I would have no problem getting the job done. I am a person who likes to have things spelled out, and spelled out clearly, with careful enunciation and a tidy font, no spelling errors or room for confusion.

     We actually have that in these DFOT books. God is practically standing on the rooftop with a megaphone personalized to you when you open the Volumes, the Monthly Messages, the bigger books. God’s even been so courteous as to label twenty booklets in bold colors with exact target groups for our convenience. It’s almost embarrassing when I think about my sarcastic challenges to Heaven, usually like “if you were a little more present, maybe the world wouldn’t be such a mess. Maybe wouldn’t be such a mess.” Effectively transferring all responsibility for every problem onto a God I couldn’t see or get my head around. But when I discovered the Volumes I realized God is as present and specific as even the likes of me requires.

     The first time I saw one of the Volumes was in the back of the adoration chapel. I was feeling negative about the state of the world – the usual cynical thoughts about injustice and natural disasters and how generally bad everything is – and I couldn’t concentrate so I picked up a bright red book on the table in the back of the room, flipping through it aimlessly. A bookmark or prayer card fell out at one page, and when I went to put it back in its place the following words jumped at me:

“Your world is sick and suffers from a disease far worse than any disease of the body. The very soul of your world struggles to find the source of healing it requires. And I am here. I intend to heal your world.”

     Goosebumps. Neck prickling. I intend to heal your world. I looked around the room half wondering if this was a joke or I was being watched or something. Everybody else was minding their own business and actually praying, so I looked again at the book, front and back cover. On the back cover it said,

“…My children, there is no bitterness in Heaven. Bitterness and distress are not intended for you, even on Earth. These are experienced by every person at some point during their earthly time, but people should not see bitterness and distress as the defining characteristics of their life. My child, if you feel you struggle often with these destructive patterns, you must spend time with Me. I am the Divine Healer.”

     Okay. Copy that. Message received, loud and clear, and I read most of Volume Two right then and there. I am still far from the person I should be, given the graces in these books, but I am also a far cry from the resentful, cynical person I was before. For every one of my questions, an answer is contained in these books. You don’t read these messages, you absorb them, almost bypassing the words and directly receiving the meaning. It’s hard to explain. But it’s real, and it’s hopeful, and it’s impacting beyond what I can describe.

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