We hope you can join us as we journey through Anne’s mystical experiences of Heaven with her own reflections on the relevance of these experiences for our daily lives. 

If you are unable to join us live, you can still register and you will have access to watch all the talks, both the live and pre-recorded videos, online for 30 days following each conference. 

You might also consider hosting a conference viewing party! When planning the conference, we were conscious that it could provide a great opportunity for prayer groups to watch the conference together, as a way to reconnect physically together and make it an event. If you would be interested in hosting a viewing party, you can purchase a ticket for your household and then show the videos live in the comfort of your home or parish. You would just need to be able to connect your computer to your TV or a projector and screen (if using a parish room). You could then invite your prayer group, family, or friends to come watch the talks together and have small group discussion with each other in person, so perhaps it might be an idea to consider!

Please note that if you have already registered for the Heaven Conference, we will be sending out an email in the two weeks prior with more details on the conference, including how to access the conference.