In July 2004, St. Therese, the Little Flower, spoke the following words to Anne:

“Dear holy souls, you are approaching difficult days. You know this, of course, if the Spirit is active within you… What our Lord wills at this time is that we, your heavenly brothers and sisters, provide you with specific information and guidelines. Pray for discernment and you will see that there is no other path than the path that leads to Heaven and to Jesus Christ.

The time of darkness nears… You are asleep, children of the world! Where are God’s warriors? Too few have taken up God’s cause in the past, but many will now in these times. Praise God with me, people of Earth, even as he prepares to renew your world.

In the days of confusion to come, rumors will swirl. Holy souls will be tempted to doubt authentic sites of apparition where graces flow without pause. Children, you must remain true to your calls. Jesus has placed you carefully. Serve him. You will find yourself struggling with temptations against your missions. You will find yourself mocked… This will not be comfortable for you, but you will have complete heavenly assistance and support… My dear fellow servants, we are entering the storm, but not without Jesus, our rudder. Children of God should not fear God’s intervention… Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the legion of heavenly soldiers who fight for Christ. You will earn your place in Heaven.”

Volume 7, St. Therese, July 5, 2004

“Our goal is simple. We want to bring as many souls as possible to Heaven. In order to do that, we must bring as many people as possible to Jesus here on Earth. We need conversions. We need people to turn away from sin and follow the Gospel. There is nothing new, you are thinking. You are correct. What is new is the compelling nature of the time in which we are working. We have spoken about changes… Now we must speak about the actual transition and how you will conduct yourselves.

Be at peace in everything. That is always your first rule. You are a follower of Jesus Christ and as such your eternity is secure. There is nothing that should disturb your peace. It is very important that people who live for the world, who are comfortable with darkness, see your peaceful, trusting countenance. Anything less will not draw them to Christ, but confirm that there is no reason to follow Christ.

Next, you must be concerned with your duties in life… You must live for your duty and do your work cheerfully and honestly. In all of these things you must love. Brothers and sisters, Christ’s love must shine from your eyes. Now, you do not have Christ’s love unless he puts it there for you. He cannot put it there for you unless you give him time in silence and prayer. 

So our next task is really two-fold. You must love like Christ, and in order to do that you must have scheduled prayer time that includes time in silence. You know that when you spend time in Eucharistic Adoration and contemplation of the living Christ, you walk in calm, trusting peace. You find it easier to complete mundane tasks, and love flows easily from you, because he has had ample opportunity to fill your soul with divine love. I am giving you specific instructions because in order to be calm during times of upheaval, you must have sound practices and discipline. If you live simply, observing simple habits, you will have less difficulty… You see, little brothers and sisters, I have a special role in these days. I am to assist you in walking through this time. You can rely on me… You will follow my way, my dear friends, and nothing will cause you alarm because you will understand that all of Heaven watches and all of Heaven assists you.”

Volume 7, St. Therese, July 6, 2004

This Apostolate has been blessed with prophecy that has received a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, declaring that the words given to Anne are free of doctrinal or moral error and are able to be published with ecclesial permission.   

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