Dear Apostles of the Returning King and Friends,

We are excited to announce that our beautiful 2021 Calendar is now in stock! Each calendar purchased supports the work of the Apostolate, and in a particular way, our outreach to prisoners around the world. Each year, we print 10,000 calendars and send them to over 85 prisons around the United States. This is primarily the work of one apostle of the Returning King who heard a call to help bring the writings of the Apostolate into prisons and years later, the calendar project is still going strong!

Here’s what the ARK who has championed the prison ministry for the last seven years recently said:

Seven years later, 50,000 DFOT calendars later, over 400,000 Heaven Speaks booklets later, nine countries later, Direction for Our Times Prison Ministry has given me purpose and allowed me to serve a very vulnerable faction of our brothers and sisters. For this I am truly grateful.

This year, for the first time ever, we are offering the option to purchase a calendar for both yourself and a prisoner. Select the ‘Buy One, Give One to a Prisoner’ option below and we’ll ship you one calendar and mail another calendar to a prisoner who has requested one.  Each year we receive hundreds of requests from prisoners for calendars. With your help, we hope to send a calendar to every prisoner who asks. 

The letters we receive from these prisoners are overflowing with gratitude. Some prisoners even send us donation checks for a few dollars to sponsor other prisoners. Some are taking the initiative and spreading this ministry by sharing their calendars with others and asking if other prisoners want to be ‘adopted’. Here is one such letter we received last month:

If you’d like to support prison ministry through this calendar project, there are many ways you can help in addition to purchasing a calendar. We provide these calendars free of charge to the incarcerated with the faith that Jesus will comfort these adolescents and adults through his words and the words of the saints, and through that, invite them into his ministry. 

We created this one-time donation campaign with everyone in mind. We added various impact levels, with the least expensive being $7. Just one $7 donation directly impacts someone’s life. Through this $7, we are able to share this calendar with one prisoner. 

Other options for giving include:

  • $35, which covers the cost of shipping one box of calendars to one prison
  • $170, which covers the cost of printing one box of calendars for one prison
  • $205, which covers the cost of both printing and shipping one box of calendars to one prison. 

Your involvement is critical to the success of our Prison Ministry Program. Without you, we are unable to share these calendars with the incarcerated. Thank you again for your support and encouragement! And of course, you are welcome to purchase the calendar on its own below!

With every blessing,