We continue our cycle of monthly messages for our prayer groups and personal reflection for this month:


March 1, 2007 (2015)




My beloved apostles, how hard you are working. How diligently you see to My desires. I am bringing you to holiness, slowly and gently, but certainly. Your course leads you to My heart and in each moment of each day, you are drawn more fully to Me. You may not feel the increase in holiness. You may not notice your progress but be assured that progress is being made. Your holiness blossoms under the prudent and watchful care of the Divine Gardener. You may wish to advance more quickly. You may sigh at the labors necessary for advancing in holiness. I understand both of these things but I tell you today that you should not be discouraged. It is I, Jesus, after all, who contemplates your soul and determines the speed with which you need to progress to arrive at the perfect place at the correct time. If you were to move too quickly, you might miss this mark. If you were to stop laboring, you would not advance as far as I require. Be at peace in the place where you are spiritually and understand that I am ministering to you constantly there. Be also at peace that you must labor for holiness, moving constantly forward in virtue. I am with you. I take your willingness to serve and your willingness to become holier and truly I flow great things into your soul and into the world. I ask that each apostle find quiet during this time, allowing silence to prune the weeds that spring up in each day’s activity. We work together on your soul, as I have said, and I, Jesus, expect that there is work to be done. If I did not expect that your soul needed work, I would say that you had advanced far enough and I would take you to heaven. When you see the condition of your soul and you correctly identify that there is work to be done and projects to undertake, rejoice. Compare your soul to My soul and you will see a glimpse of the completion of this project. You must say, ‘Truly, I trust that Jesus will get me there if I follow Him.’ I will not abandon the project of your holiness. Neither should you. The personal holiness of each apostle is given my greatest attention because each project in the world flows from this project in individual souls. Do you understand? Are you at peace with this? I need you to become holier each day so that I can become more present in the world each day. If you are new to the walk to holiness, rejoice. You are welcome and you will flourish. If you have been walking toward holiness for many years, rejoice. You are valued and you are making progress. Through you, I renew the world. Rejoice. My plan for you and for the world is well underway.

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February 1, 2007 (2015)


My little apostles continue to grow in holiness. Today, I call you to obedience. It is My desire that you examine your life and bring obedience into each area. I will help you. Is there an area where you can improve? Do you wish Me to illuminate this for you? Consider with Me, your Savior, where you can do better. There are concrete areas, of course, but there are also areas where it is the spirit of obedience that is lacking and by this I mean the spirit of love and humility. Do not think so much of the condition of other people. Concentrate instead on the condition of your own soul. In consideration of obedience, it is good to think like a small child. A small child, one who is loved by his parents, seeks to be good and pleasing. His goodness and small acts of obedience enable him to feel good about himself and the path of purity that he is choosing. Some of my little ones in the world have lost this innocence. I want this for you. It is this innocence that will admit you to heaven, after all. Together we must cultivate it. Separate worldly opinion from My opinion because the world will tell you that you are foolish to be obedient in small matters, for example, if nobody is noticing you. But I am always with you and I notice you in each moment. Look at each situation, regardless of how seemingly unimportant, and try to be obedient. You do not do this alone, but with Me, because together we work on your spiritual growth. It is our job, yours and mine. It is our project. It is an interesting and joyful project to Me.  I love nothing better than helping you to improve the condition of your soul. As your soul’s condition improves, you learn more and more about Me and how much I love you. Do you want to learn more about how much I love you? Practice obedience in small things. I do not expect you to become perfect at once. Do not expect this of yourself. Be gentle with yourself. I love you so much that I do not want you to judge yourself harshly. In the same way, I will never be harsh with you. I will never be hard or cold. You are cherished, my beloved one. I am your Jesus, always here for you. Take My hand and I will lead you closer to obedience each day.

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January 1, 2007 (2015)


I, Jesus, take delight in My apostles. I look into the world and see My friends, serving each other and growing in love and, truly, I experience delight. My friends, you will be well rewarded. The holier you become, the easier it will be for you to come to heaven. That is My goal for you, that you become so holy on earth that your death is a time of great peace and joy. How I anticipate the homecoming of each of My beloved servants. I plan for the day and prepare for the great rejoicing that will take place. You will be welcomed into eternity by a multitude of apostles, all of whom served before you. You will recognize your friends and family in heaven and they will assemble to greet you. Such joyous reunion. Such well-earned reward. My friends, your life will pass quickly, far more quickly than you can imagine. I speak to you today to remind and encourage you. I remind you that you are committed to Me, to My will. Begin each day remembering that you have made a commitment to serve heaven on that day. If you pledge your allegiance to God, you are on the side of God. If you are on the side of God, you are working against God’s enemy. I want you to reject all that comes from the enemy. Be diligent about your time in silence and I will reveal anything that I wish you to reject or abandon. I draw you into My heart, further and further. There is always a need to advance. Today, I call you to make an even greater commitment to advancing in holiness. I will help you, of course. I will make your path even more obvious to you. I come today to remind you of your pledge, but also to encourage you. I look into the world at this time and there is darkness, it is true, but there is also light and that light comes from your commitment to Me. The angels see your service and they rejoice. The saints see your service and they applaud. Our mother, Mary, sees your service and she is comforted. I, Jesus Christ, see your service and I experience delight. You are part of a team, My team. We are the team that brings salvation and we do that through love. In your heart I am placing a love for humanity. You will experience this love individually, for each person with whom you come in contact. This is how I experience love. I love all mankind. I do so one person at a time. You must do the same. Love those around you, particularly those in your family. Treat each person with dignity and respect because if people see that you are good, they will understand that I am good. Be at peace. I am with you in everything and your service delights Me.

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December 1, 2006 (2014)


I speak with determination today. I look at My lay apostles, serving so diligently to prepare others for My return, and I am consoled. My heart sighs with the rejection of some but also lifts in hope at the acceptance of so many. Little apostles, you are pleasing to Me. You are laboring for heaven and you are teamed with heaven. Together, we are bringing hope to those who were formerly without hope. This is the way for you, the path to holiness. I direct you in everything and you proceed along this path that I have marked out for you. All is well in your case. I want to explain to you why I speak with determination today. I am determined to push out further into the world. I desire that everyone have the light of heaven. I want confidence for all and comfort for anyone suffering. I send a great rush of grace for conversions at this time. This is a time for hearts to change. Because I desire this, a great many conversions, I am supplying all that is necessary to achieve this goal. You will find, My apostles, that many will be drawn to the truth of your mission. Accept this with profound humility. Show the world how small you are and they will see how great I am. This is the way to win souls for the Father. I am so pleased when an apostle accepts slights and insults with peace. I am pleased by this because it shows Me that you are truly accepting the call to imitate Me. It also shows Me that arrogance is receding and humility is spreading. Oh, what joy this gives to the infant in the manger. Accepting insults in humility is a most favorable gift for the King. Truly, I look at these offerings and I rejoice. When I rejoice, graces flow unhindered and unencumbered, bathing the whole world. Never underestimate the power of you, the humble apostle, joined to Me, the determined God. Together, we are changing the world.

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November 1, 2006 (2014)


I am real, dear apostles. Do not worry that you have misplaced your trust. You will be rewarded for your service and commitment. The wise apostle understands that he has already been rewarded. The wise apostle understands that being close to the King as a trusted servant is a reward in itself because through the proximity to the King, the servant becomes more and more noble. I am changing you if you are walking with Me. I am stretching your spiritual capabilities. My beloved lay apostles will find that the changes in their soul are constant, but gentle. There is great spiritual progress available in this time. This is My mercy and this is My plan. Through the holiness of the few, I will convert many. Be courageous while I make these changes in your soul. Be at peace. The Savior seeks to preserve His plan by calling more and more into the field of service. Rejoice when you see many responding. Understand that this plan is for all. You are called. You are listening to My direction and you are becoming holier. Through you, I call to others. Others listen and respond, and through them, I call out again, to more and more. In this way, a multitude are drawn into the safety of the family of God. Be at peace, little apostle. All is well and heaven is content that God’s plan is proceeding. I will never leave you to execute My plan alone. You will always be acting with Me if you are acting for Me. Do you understand? I know that you understand because it is simple. I am with you. I will never leave you.

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October 1, 2006


My children, I am with you. Your God, your Creator, speaks this message in so many ways. In every daybreak you must hear My voice saying, ‘I am with you.’ When tempted toward despair because of crosses and hardships, you must hear Me whispering, ‘I am with you.’ When you look at the work you must do and find it overwhelming, allow me to move you gently into it with perfect assurance that ‘I am with you.’ Dearest apostles, so brave, I am with you. I do not tell you that you will be overcome. I do not tell you that you have been given work which is impossible for you to complete. Those messages do not come from Me. Instead, I tell you that you will persevere and ultimately triumph. Our mission of mercy does not falter, even though the steps of my little apostles sometimes falter. This mission pushes through the world with a steadiness that defies all attempts against it. My apostles experience fear at times. This is not a problem for Me or this mission. Fear is to be expected. Bring your fear to Me and explain to Me exactly what threatens you. If you do this, I can remove your fear. I will convince you that in My presence, with My power, everything is possible. You have an expectation of your little boat crashing against rocks. I will never allow this. If I am steering the boat that is your work, you will be carried safely. Push on into each day with courage, understanding that while you may not be able, I am able. You may lack courage, but I have courage. You sometimes walk in darkness, but I have the light with which to see exactly where your footsteps are taking you. Dear apostles, it is a time for hard work, yes, but a time for great glory, also. Rejoice. I am with you.


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September 1, 2006


A deep peace settles upon those who serve the Lord. This interior peace, heaven’s presence, connects each apostle to their Saviour. I work in each soul without interruption if that soul welcomes Me. Around the apostle, circumstances change. Others come and go in their life and perhaps there is suffering or persecution. My presence remains constant, though, comforting, consoling, and directing. The connection between heaven and each apostolic servant is the avenue through which I return to the world. How heaven delights in each commitment. During this time many look to their Saviour and know with certainty that I am calling out to them. Each apostle hears My call. You have heard My call. Consider today what your Jesus is asking of you. Consider how I am asking you to serve today. Dearest apostle, I must insist that you spend time in silence contemplating My will. I must insist upon this because I require your service in whatever way I have willed for you during this time. If you give Me your full attention for a period of time each day, I can instruct you and prompt you. Also, I can give you a very important heavenly attribute and that is the peace that I need you to possess. You must possess this for your own comfort, of course, but you must also possess this peace so that it flows through you into the world. Your world does not have peace. My peace has been rejected by your world. You, My beloved apostles, reject the world’s discord and accept My peace. That is why you are so important to Me. I am your Beloved One. You feel My presence, do you not? Truly, I am with you. Dear apostle, I want to be with everyone in this way. Will you help Me? I know that you will. Spend time with Me in silence each day and I will provide you with everything you need and everything the world requires.


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August 1, 2006


I send My apostles the grace necessary for a calm spirit. With this spirit, My followers will bring heavenly calm to a restless world that trembles with unease. Live your commitment to time spent in silent prayer and I will place these heavenly graces in your soul. Others will identify these graces in you because these gifts are contrary to the gifts offered by the world. This is another way that My apostles stand out. Do not spend a great deal of time discussing events in the world. Long discussions do not benefit the situation. Spend, instead, a great deal of time praying for the world. This will benefit the situation, along with those around you and your own little priceless soul, which becomes more and more beautiful through prayer and silence. I want each apostle to understand that I have not abandoned this world. Consider this carefully. I am Jesus. I am God. I have not abandoned this world. Do not be afraid. I say this, dearest apostles, firmly. I do not want My apostles to be afraid or to communicate fear to others. Bring your fears to Me and bring My peace to others. This is your call, your divine task. Accept this call as seriously as you accept My love for you and your love for Me. Our reciprocal love is natural and right, holy and blessed. My peace in your soul is also natural and right, holy and blessed. Apostles, be disciplined in those actions that bring you peace and be equally disciplined in avoiding those things that cause you upset. I seek to comfort many. Very often, I will do this through you.

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July 1, 2006


Be at peace, little children of God. I am with you. Do not think that you are orphans, abandoned to a world which lacks God’s love. I seek to bring love into the world in a continuous stream. How My little apostles delight Me with their willingness to allow Me to use them for this purpose. I work without pause in each soul who welcomes Me. You may be asleep, or at rest in another way and I am busy at work in your soul, preparing great gifts for your brothers and sisters who do not know Me. I am tireless. I am determined. I am forming many saints who will move up the mountain of holiness with speed in order to serve Me more completely. Do you wish to be one of these saints? Of course you do. We will work together, you and I, to move you more fully into My will. How I guard My little apostles. How I surround them with My protection. I watch your life closely so that every experience you have will benefit your soul. My little ones experience pain and carry wounds. This should not frighten you. I do not judge you for your pain. I look at your pain and remember My pain and I am compassionate. Your pain will not separate you from Me. Again I say, have no fear. I am working in your soul to bring My kingdom to earth through you. I will see to everything. Trust your Jesus and you will be at peace.


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June 1, 2006  (2014)

I speak to My beloved apostles today from the pain of My wounded heart. I suffer for each soul walking the earth without knowledge of My love. Despite rejection, My love cannot be limited and overflows into the world. Those who do not welcome the love of the Saviour continue in loneliness. Those who welcome My love are deluged with it. Dear apostles, I know that you are weary. You do not see the full impact of your service on the Kingdom but please believe that one day you will experience the fruits of your labour. You will exult in each act of service and each act of self-denial because you will see the act attached to all of the graces obtained from it. At that time you will marvel at My generosity. You will also thank Me for obscuring this from you during your time of service because it is through this trust that you gain both merits for your eternity and conversion graces for souls. How many sinners are pulled back into My Sacred Heart through your smallest act of trust and love in the face of scorn and mockery? Dear apostles, you must consider whether or not you yourself were called back to Me through the selfless action of another. It is in this way that we are a family. Each apostle is indebted to others for their progress up the mountain of holiness because the service of each supports and sustains others. How blessed is the plan of God. My gratitude to you will endure forever. Continue on in service to the Kingdom and you will see yourself counted as My friend and loyal follower. Imagine My gratitude. The enemy taunts God, stating that God’s children have turned their faces away from heaven. The enemy boasts that God’s children are listening to the voice of darkness. During all of this, the apostles of Jesus Christ remain steadfast. Your faces are turned to heaven and you listen to My voice. Pay no attention to the empty words of the enemy, My beloved ones. Let My voice console you and direct you and you will not be deceived. Work for souls, so that they will accept My love. All is well. I am with you in each moment.

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May 1, 2006 (2014)

My friends in the world know suffering. This will not change and it has always been this way. What separates My friends from those who walk without Me is the grace that accompanies My followers. If a soul is willing to accept heavenly grace, that person’s suffering is changed. Crosses carried in union with heaven benefit both the individual soul and the world. When viewed this way, which is the true way, people understand that suffering is not a bad thing, but a valuable thing to be exploited for heaven. Do not think that I misunderstand the difficulty associated with suffering. Always consider the suffering I accepted in the world, on the cross in My final hours, of course, but also throughout My life. I did not spend My time on earth in comfort and leisure. I worked hard each day and often did without things that some take for granted today. Consider My life on earth in its entirety. Dearest apostle, My friend, I lived as quietly as possible. I prayed for you every day. I offered comfort and assistance to others in pain or in need. I committed Myself to My duty and never deviated from My responsibilities. I did this because I knew that you would benefit from a model to follow. You see, I spent each day on earth aware of your life. When I was tempted to become disheartened, I thought of you, struggling, and I disciplined Myself to be brave and hopeful. I offered My struggles to God the Father and asked that in return, He grant you graces of courage and hope. I did not waste any time on earth, My beloved. Please think often of My life on earth and understand that I thought of you on each day and set an example for you on each day. If you remember this, that I walked the earth for you, you will understand that you walk on earth with Me, someone who understands your every fear, your every temptation. Be at peace. Let us walk together. Time cannot separate an apostle from His Saviour. Again and always I assure you, I am with you.

April 1, 2006 (2014)


My apostles seek to please Me. The desire to please your Savior, all by itself, gives Me the greatest consolation. If you have the smallest desire to please Me, little apostle, you can be certain that you have already done so. The desire to please is only the beginning, of course. From that desire, I move you into active service to the Kingdom. How badly the Kingdom of God requires steady apostles in this time. I rely most heavily on those who are consistent in their service. My little ones see My plan for them in the present moment. At times My little ones underestimate how I intend to use them in the future. This is acceptable, of course, because it is best if a serving apostle remains focused on the day in which he finds himself. Let Me assure you though, that the level of service I can gain from you tomorrow, and in every tomorrow I grant you, is directly affected by the level of cooperation I gain from you today. If you serve Me in completeness today, you can be assured that I am preparing you for even greater service tomorrow. It is all about practice, after all. You must practice being holy. My dear friends, My apostles, do not be afraid of tomorrow, regardless of what occurs today. My plan is detailed and accounts for everything. I will care for My beloved friends and their loved ones. I am God. I am all-powerful. You cannot place too much trust in Me because I will always out perform your greatest expectations. Serve completely in today, My friends, and I will use you even more effectively tomorrow. Trust Me. I will protect you.

March 1, 2006 (2014)


Dear children, My words carry My love for you. When you read My words, understand that I send them to you because I love you. This entire mission is predicated on My love for you. You must consider that I speak words in order to help you to accept My love and allow My love to change your heart. Sometimes you listen to what I am saying but do not change your little heart and in this instance My words have not helped you. At other times, you allow these words to minister to your soul and then your little heart can change and soften, filling up with the divine and allowing the divine to direct you. When this happens, when you allow My words and graces to alter the way you think and live, then this mission is a success. The world is changing, dear apostle. You make a decision to sit quietly with Me and listen to My words and that small act insures that the world will change because you are cooperating with Me. My goals for you include only what is best for you and for the world around you. In a time when many seek to direct you to My enemy, I have come to direct you to heaven. This is a mercy, of course, and I know you are grateful. God is consoled by the gratitude of His children. I want you to use this message to take inventory of your priceless little soul. Sit in silence with Me and rest in My perfect and complete love for you. I accept you, My little treasure, in all of your imperfection. Your sin does not discourage Me in the least. Bring Me your sins. Confess your sins. Please do not think that because of your sins your Jesus could not love you. I do love you, in all of your sin and pain. This mission of love is in existence because I love you. I am speaking to you right now because I love you. Dearest little apostle, you are chosen to work in this world intimately united to Me. Will you say yes to Me? Will you accept My tender and complete love for you and allow Me to soften your little heart? Do not turn Me away. I am your Jesus. I have come for you. Open your heart to Me in the smallest way and I will come to live with you forever. I want only what is good for you and through what is good for you, I will renew the world. Please, accept Me.

February 1, 2006 (2014)


Dearest apostle, I urge you to be little in your soul. Only in spiritual humility will you see the true state of your soul and so understand the work necessary for you to become holy. Holiness is your target. If a soul is holy, I can flow great graces through that soul into the world. Do not think about your own goals, little apostle, without checking them against My goals. In this time I require many apostles who strive to be humble. This is the opposite of what the world encourages. Do you see? Study this concept and you will see that great smallness is necessary in the Kingdom of God. Souls in heaven do not tear each other down, but build each other up. My saints in heaven seek ways to affirm the struggling souls on earth. They do not consider how to best put themselves forward, but rather how to best lift a soul toward holiness. You must be the same. I entreat you to listen to your Saviour. Strive for smallness in your service to the Kingdom. Be content to allow Me to have the glory. I will gaze into your soul and see the longing for holiness and I will make you holy, but I can only do this if you allow Me. My beloved ones, you will see in My life an example of constant patience with others. I was gentle on earth and I am still gentle. Because I am gentle, I am patient with you. You must be patient with others. You must be gentle with others. You must be forgiving of others, trusting My ability to work in the soul who allows Me freedom. If a soul is willing, I will help them. I have told you this. Trust My words and pray for each other, particularly those with whom you are called to walk during this time of transition. Dearest friends of heaven, believe Me when I tell you that all will be well. Your concern at this time should be to advance in holiness and you will only advance if you remain small. Be at peace in everything because My grace is more powerful than any bitter plans of the enemy. I am asking you to concentrate on your own movement to Me. For each apostle who gives Me their pride, I give the world My majesty, the majesty of Jesus Christ, your Returning King.

January 1, 2006 (2014)


My apostles hear My voice and know that their Saviour speaks. More and more I will speak to My apostles in their souls, directing their actions. I am returning at this very moment through each one of you. Can a plan be more perfect? Bring others to me so that I can flow into the world through each of them, also.  Dear friends of the Saviour, together we are changing your world. When people feel fear, we will bring calm. When people feel anger, we will bring forgiveness. When people feel abandoned, we will bring love. When people feel great grief, we will bring comfort. And when people see death, we will bring them to an acceptance of heaven so that they understand eternal life. Many in the world today do not understand their inheritance. This creates a fear of death which prevents people from living fully.  If a person accepts the truth about eternity, that person works for Me because he knows that glory only lasts if it is obtained for heaven. The glory of heaven is love and is obtained by how much one loved on earth. People will be disappointed when they look back on their life if their life was lived in selfishness and if their purpose in life was to obtain worldly goods. This will be a disappointment for them, for Me, and for their families if their families were led astray by this flawed vision of the purpose of life. If you realign the purpose in your life, I will then help to realign the purpose for each member of your family. This is My promise to you. Make Me, Jesus Christ, the purpose of your life, and I will work through you to claim the world. How can I help the world through you and through the life I have given you? How you can set an example so that others will identify Me in you and in your actions? Think on this, My beloved apostle. Meditate on this. Give Me the time to direct your soul because both your soul and your life on earth are necessary to My plan. We do not want the Kingdom to lose souls because you lived a flawed purpose. This will not happen, of course, because you are listening to Me. But you must give Me the time each day to work in your soul, to communicate with you, to restore the precious calm that is our gift to the world at this time. This becomes more important each day. I send calm to you. You bring it to others. I send more calm to you, and you bring more calm to others. Do not be afraid when you do not feel calm. This means simply that the world has taken your calm and you must come back to Me so that I can give you more. This will work but in order for it to work you must make your commitment to prayer time. Consider today and each day what time is My time?  When will you sit in silence so that I can communicate with you? If you do not have a set time, perhaps you will set one now. I love you totally. I rely on you, My dearest apostle. I am grateful to you in the extreme and I am blessing your loved ones. I will keep My part of the bargain. Accept My gift of calm in your life and I will direct you in everything. Then your life will be lived for God’s purposes and truly, My kingdom will come.

December 1, 2005 (2013)


Dear children, you were each created by the Father. He takes the greatest joy in watching your progress as you learn how to love during your time in the world. You experience difficulties in this regard but you overcome these difficulties and you grow and advance. This process of learning to love and rejecting all that is not love is the real point of your time on earth. If you were told that you would be coming to heaven soon, how would you treat the people around you? How would you view them differently if you knew that your time with them was limited? Well, little souls, I am reminding you today that your time with each of the people around you is finite. Time will pass and your time with each person will be over. If you love each person in your life, you will be at peace when your time together is finished. You will feel satisfaction in that you will know that you tried to love them, despite any difficulties that arose to make this difficult. These difficulties or obstacles to love originate from two sources. One source of difficulty comes from your failings and the other source of difficulty comes from the failings of the other soul. These difficulties, which are expected, must be overcome so that you can treat each other with the pure love that you will experience in heaven. When you find another person unlovable, remember that you will be with that soul in heaven and you will love each other perfectly there. It will greatly please and console the heavenly Father if you begin treating others this way on earth. If you had to do this alone, you would surely struggle and possibly find yourself without the forgiveness necessary to love each other as we love in heaven. But you do not proceed alone. You proceed with all of heaven and with Me, Jesus Christ. I have given you many examples of how I loved during My time on earth. Read about Me in Scripture, dear apostles, and then be gentle as I was gentle. Be kind as I was kind. Be respectful as I was respectful. Be forgiving as I was forgiving. I am with you in each moment and you may ask Me for the grace to love each person in your life. I will send you this grace and together, you and I will prepare you to love like a resident of heaven. In this process, you will find great joy. This joy is only the very beginning of My reward to you. Be at peace. Your God created you to love and He will teach you how to do this.


November 1, 2005  (*2013)


My apostles will be known by their love. It has always been this way. Look for those who treat others gently and you will see My hand at work. If you begin to follow Me, you will be gentle and loving to other souls. Dear apostles, during this time I send you great graces. Everything you need comes from Me. Do not hesitate to answer My call because you feel you are not holy enough. You are called to holiness, it is true, but all genuine holiness comes from Me. If you ask Me, I will send it to you in great abundance. I notice that many souls fear a commitment to Me because they see only their own flaws and weaknesses. At this time I want you to stop thinking about yourself in those human terms. It is your humanity that delights Me, My friend. It is your humanity that gives Me glory. Souls in heaven give Me praise, it is true. And I return their love. But when a soul on earth, acting from faith, makes even the smallest gesture of love or fidelity to Me, I am given great glory and the family of God is given power. Yes, each time a soul on earth steps out for God in any way, the Kingdom grows. Do not put a limit on the importance of each little act and each little prayer. If you rose each day and pledged your allegiance to heaven with an honest desire to serve, and then went out and committed sins all of that day, you would still be considered a friend to the Saviour. Now I know that you will not do this because when you pledge your allegiance to Me, you are then wrapped in great graces. These graces assist you in each moment and illuminate My will for you so that you can more easily make heavenly decisions. But I am making a point so that you will understand that if you try to please Me in even the smallest way, you will change the world. Each prayer, however small and imperfect, fuels this renewal. Will you answer My call? I am relying on My apostles on earth to spread My words and to allow My light and love to flow back into this world. It is only a difficult job if you rely on yourself. If you rely on Me, you will see the greatest things happen in the shortest time. You will be filled with My love for others. Ask Me for this. When you do not feel My love, remind Me of this promise and I will make good on it by sending you great love for others. This prayer always reflects My will and it is always answered. If you see souls through My eyes, you will love them. Be at peace in each moment because you are surrounded by heaven. There is nothing to fear. Let love direct your actions and you will be a part of My team.


October 1, 2005


I have willed a time of great joy for My beloved apostles. Joy is something that the world wishes to take from God’s children, but joy is available nonetheless. The world encourages souls to concentrate on comfort and earthly possessions. I ask you to concentrate on service. This is a marked contrast, is it not? Let me explain why concentrating on service brings you joy. If you rise each day and pledge allegiance to God, you will begin that day with more thought of serving than being served. In this way, you look at your day as an opportunity to work for heaven and to work for heaven’s children, your brothers and sisters. This perspective sends you into the day as a servant. When the day presents you with the inevitable opportunities to assist or console, or simply to be tolerant of your brothers or sisters, you do not view this as a burden, or an interruption in your entertainment and comfort, but as a request made to you directly from the Throne of your God. And fulfilling a request made to you by your God brings you joy.  You serve heaven and we fulfill our part of the agreement by sending you joy. If all of God’s children were living this way, there would be great joy on earth and through this joy would come peace. But if even one of God’s children makes the commitment to serve as a beloved apostle, there is an increase of joy and an increase in peace. This is because an apostle does not become angry when he or she is inconvenienced. That apostle responds in calm trust when the world presents them with difficulty or even pain. There is no striking out at others. There is no rebelliousness. There is peace. The world is changing and it is changing one soul at a time. Join Me now and make a commitment to peace in your world. I will send it through you, My beloved apostles.


September 1, 2005


God’s little children know great suffering on earth, it is true. There will always be those who are suffering. Extend the greatest love and assistance to those who carry the cross because you will carry it one day and you will then benefit from the help of others. Dear brothers and sisters, all is well. I can say that all is well because I view all from the perspective of heaven. Can I ask you to share that view with Me? I will give you this view, if you are willing to accept it. From heaven I see that souls cry out to Me. They ask for a relief from darkness. I am sending relief, My dear faithful ones. I am sending great conversion graces. There are times when a child is having trouble and the child cannot see how to solve a problem or remove himself from a situation. The parent sees more clearly, of course, and often understands what the child requires to recover. What parent is unfamiliar with the protesting cry of the child who wants to do it his own way, despite the danger of the child’s intended path? The parent must then step in and avert the child’s course, showing the child the better and safer way. Such protests a parent must endure. But a good parent perseveres in the course that will benefit the child in the long run. I am the parent in this time. I am looking at the world and I have decided that it is time to pierce the darkness with My light. I have told this to My beloved apostles. Please trust Me. Please support Me. Please do as I ask and examine your role in the Renewal each morning, when you offer Me your day. I will then continue to flow My light through you into the world. Dearest friends, I am your Savior. I do not abandon you. Do you understand that heaven is your intended destination? Do not object when others come to heaven. It is for this they were born on the earth. I understand earthly grief. You know that I understand because I experienced great human grieving on earth. I will comfort you. I will sustain you. You have been asked to spread My heavenly calm. All is well. You know this because I am telling you this. You are one who believes your God. Spread My calm, My grace, My joy. Will you support your Jesus in everything? It is this I am asking of you. Rest joyfully in your soul with Me. I will give you exactly what is needed for your world and you will be a holy carrier of My grace. I am with you. Rejoice.


August 1, 2005


Listen to your Saviour, My dear ones. I am speaking to every soul on earth at this time. I am with you in each moment and I will never leave you. You must accept each experience in union with Me. You will have difficulties if you begin to follow Me but you have had difficulties in the past. I do not wish My apostles to believe that life without service to Me would mean life without difficulties. If the cross is weighing you down, bring it to Me. I am the expert at carrying the cross. It is understandable that you will need help with your difficulties and it is only sensible to come to the Expert for that help. This is a sensible approach to living your life and carrying your cross. Together, we will continue on. You will support Me in My mission of mercy and I will support you in everything. The benefits of service to heaven are complete. There is nothing you lack when you serve heaven because heaven knows your every need. You offer Me your day each morning. Be aware that this act is mutual. When you give Me your day, I am allowed into that day and I walk through each moment with you, flowing through you, yes, but also caring for you, alerting you to danger, and ensuring that your soul benefits from each challenge, each joy, each cross. You are not alone. I will not allow anything for you that I will not use for your ultimate holiness. Walk in joy because as an apostle serving in this troubled world, you are entitled to every heavenly protection. My gratitude to you for your friendship is not something you can measure in earthly terms. You must trust Me that my gratitude will astound you. I care for your loved ones, dear apostles. I hear your prayers and I will use a measure of my gratitude to you for the benefit of all of your intentions for other souls. There is no reason, whatever your circumstances, to lose your joy.


July 1, 2005


Today I cry out to young people. Young souls are the cherished jewels in the Kingdom of God on earth. The formation of these souls must be treated with reverence. Each individual in the Kingdom bears a responsibility to young souls, even if it is simply through setting an example of Christian living. Dear children of God, you are accountable for the impact of your actions and each sin carries an impact, however unnoticeable. Search your life and you will discover where I am asking you to assist young people. Many children live in families lacking a parent. Perhaps I am asking you to share your Christianity with those children in order to be a role model. Dear souls, in most cases, young people learn how to be adults by watching others. So your life, the model of your living out your walk with Me, has impact. Your life can be something which a child can measure sin against. Think of a holy person you knew while you were growing up. Now remember back to a time when you saw others committing acts that were unholy. Did you not recognize that these acts would not be acceptable to this holy person? Sometimes it is simply speech. There are certain people near whom you will be careful about what you say. I am asking you to become one of those people. I want others to take note of your presence and know that Jesus should not be insulted. I want others to understand that your Church should not be unjustly vilified in your presence. In short, I want others to know that when you are present, I am present. They will then use you as the standard against which they measure their actions. You must stand for Me. I am asking each of you to sit in silence and consider how I am asking you to assist My young people in the world. Be assured of My great gratitude in this matter. Through this mission of mercy and love I wish to call all young people back to My heart. Will you help Me?


June 1, 2005


My brothers and sisters, how I love you. How eager I am that you use the graces available to you. When a soul understands this mission and begins to ask for graces for others, heaven is joyful. In the same way, those on earth for whom you intercede, begin to benefit and to change. Graces surround them. Their soul becomes alert because there is hope. Dear ones, help Me. I want every soul to return to Me. I am waiting for each soul to become open so that My graces can flood that soul. Many of you have seen this and you understand. For those of you who have not seen this happen, please ask Me for graces for a soul who is far from Me. Continue asking Me. Ask Me for graces for strangers. I will come to them in a special way. I will observe them closely, as only I can, given My knowledge of them, and I will find the perfect moment. While I wait for this moment, I will be allowing them to benefit from your prayers and wishes by sending moments of grace and people of grace into their lives. Think, My friends. Did I not do this for you at some time in your life? Did I not pursue you if you were far away? If you were never far away, perhaps I encouraged you when you felt abandoned or afraid. I have graces for each soul in darkness. Please work for Me now and you will see souls returning. All is well, My dear friends. You are children of heaven and as children of heaven you have nothing to fear. There is only good possible for you. The earth is a temporary residence. Your home is in heaven. So when you come here, you will have come home. Be joyful servants of your Returning King and you will see great changes in your world.

May 1, 2005


Be at peace, dear children of heaven. There is no reason for anything but a peaceful countenance. I am working in your soul if you are allowing Me to do so and you will come closer and closer to Me. You see that I am calling you to do this. I want you to behave like Me and even to think like Me. You will be gentle and kind to those you meet in your day and they will then consider what it is that makes you different. And there is a contrast between those following Me, and those following the world. The closer you come to Me, the greater the contrast. I would like to see a multitude of souls drawing closer to Me. You can help with this project because you represent Me. I am calling everyone and I use each of you to do this. So be My voice in your world and cry out to your brothers and sisters. Tell them of My love for them and tell them of My wish to draw them closer to Me. If you allow Me to work through you, I will do so. If you practice loving all souls and being merciful to all souls, soon you will be speaking My name to them. You understand that if you are not merciful and kind, it will not matter what you say because souls will be repelled. It is only through your love, inspired by Me, that they are moved. So be gentle as I am gentle and souls will be drawn back into the safe pasture of My Sacred Heart.


April 1, 2005


My dear brothers and sisters, do not be afraid. I have prepared your souls for change. If a teacher prepares a student for an exam, the student should then anticipate the exam with peace, understanding that all that is necessary is steady labor. My brothers and sisters in the world are in a similar position. I have explained through many sources that there are changes coming in the world. I have made it clear that I am overseeing each detail. Each of you, My beloved ones, have a role to play in this time of transition. Look ahead with great peace and courage and you will serve honorably. If the world responds with excitement or distress, you respond with a calm that is noticeable. In everything, trust Me. Begin today. Regardless of what occurs in your life, respond peacefully, saying often, “Jesus, I trust in you.” I have prepared an army of peaceful soldiers to respond to the changes in this troubled world. You will stand out, My friends. You will spread My peace to every corner. Be joyful as your Jesus is joyful, for truly the darkness is lifting.


March 1, 2005


My children are distracted in this time. I am sending great peace upon those who allow Me into their souls, and I wish to be present in every soul. Do you want My heavenly peace? Do you wish to experience a foretaste of heaven? Dear souls, this is available to you if you ask Me. This is not something you can buy. It is not something that the world creates. It is a state of union with Me. It is the experience of being part of the family of God. Each of you belongs to this family, but some of our brothers and sisters have chosen to move away from Me. This results in isolation and sadness. Confusion soon creeps into the life lived away from God and the soul then seeks to clarify their existence by searching through the worldly balms offered by the enemy. Alas, none of these balms will satisfy a child of heaven because there is only one true balm for the soul. It is I, Jesus Christ. I am the balm that will heal. I am the balm that will clarify and soothe. I will come to any soul who seeks Me and bring with Me the heavenly peace that cannot be bought. Little children of the world, call out to Me and I will come to you. Confusion is not from Me. Sadness and despair are not from Me. Peace and serenity are from Me. Ask Me to bring these things to you and I will do so.


February 1, 2005


I wish to tell the world of My love. Dearest children of God, you will be welcomed in heaven. You have a family here who prepares for your arrival. Each soul on earth is steadily making progress on their earthly journey in that you are steadily approaching the end of your life, even if you will live to a very old age. If we begin with that thought, My next thought will make even more sense to you. I wish you to consider what it is you will bring to Me when I come for you. Will you bring Me kindness to others? Will you bring Me service to your family? Will you bring Me a duty fulfilled in obedience and dignity? You see, little souls, I will not ask you for your material possessions because they will have no value here, unless you used these possessions to help others. Only then can material possessions acquire heavenly value. I have placed you in the world to serve. I am with you in each day but you must also be with Me. Dearest children, ask Me for guidance and I will tell you how I wish you to serve.


January 1, 2005
God the Father


Dear children of the world, I will never leave you. Please consider Me the very best of fathers. Does a loving father know when his child’s heart is grieving? Of course he does. If your heart is grieving, you must come to Me. I will heal your hurts and restore your heart to you. I will give you courage and strength so that you can proceed with your earthly journey. I am asking you today, though, to proceed differently. Ask Me to be united to you. Ask Me to remain with you through every moment. I want to do that for you. In this way, you will come to walk on the path that I, through Jesus Christ, have marked out for you. Dearest children of the world, please walk with Me. I need your help. I, the Almighty God, ask you now to walk with Me. There are many souls crying out to Me in pain. You must bring Me to them. Please, My dear ones, bring Me to them.


December 1, 2004


“I send graces down upon your world. Indeed, at this time, I begin to flood the world with heavenly graces that will heal souls and convert hearts. Dear children of the one true God, your Saviour prepares to return. I want each one of you to welcome My return to the world. In order to do that, you must quiet your heart and accept the gift of My divine grace. I hold the greatest acceptance and forgiveness for you all. My heart bursts with the love I have for you all. And I am returning to reclaim you all. Children of heaven,feel My joy. The time of desolation for souls is at end. I am returning.”




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