Permission has been given by the Most Rev. Leo O’Reilly, Bishop of Kilmore Diocese in Ireland for publication of the original English language text of these writings.  Through the efforts of committed lay apostles, these writings have been made available in your language.  Any comments regarding these translations please contact:

Direction for Our Times, Co. Cavan, Ireland.



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Please click below for our latest Lithuanian titles “Heaven Speaks about Addictions” and “Heaven Speaks to Consecrated Souls”

Prašome paspauskite žemiau mūsų naujausius Lietuvos pavadinimai “Dangus kalba apie Žalingi įpročiai” ir “Dangus kalba pašvęstųjų sielų”


LITH Suicide LITH Stress LITH Young Adults

LITH Depression LITH Away Church LITH Financial

LITH Prisoners LITH Soldiers LITH Dying

LITH Reject God LITH Tragedy LITH Forgive

Addictions LITH Abortion LITH Fear Purgatory

 LITH Childs Salvation DoNtKnwJesus_frntCvr  ConscrtdSouls_frntCvr-210x300

                                                                                                          DANGUS KALBA NEPAŽĮSTANTIEMS JĖZAUS     KUNIGU IR VIENUOLIU SIELOMS

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