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Ireland School of Holiness Updates and Happenings

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From the notebooks of Annie and Tommy July 14th, 2014 This morning we all shared our confirmation names before Maggie taught us about boundaries. The four boundaries are physical, psychological (mental and emotional), sexual, and spiritual. A boundary is a limit and they are very important in our relationships, especially intimate relationships where one gets [...]

Monthly Message for July 2014

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July 1, 2006 Jesus Be at peace, little children of God. I am with you. Do not think that you are orphans, abandoned to a world which lacks God’s love. I seek to bring love into the world in a continuous stream. How My little apostles delight Me with their willingness to allow Me to [...]

USA Home Event Greater Chicago Area- May 23rd

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Date: Friday May 23rd Time: 7.15pm – 9.15pm Venue: Polish Mission of Our lady Mother of the Church Address: 116, Hilton St. Willow Springs, IL 60480 Theme of the evening: Do you want to be well?   Talks and teaching by Anne, a lay apostle, Margaret McGahon and Fr. Darragh Connolly leads us in a period of [...]

Adult Faith Formation Weekend and EDR this Friday!

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Coming up lay apostles is our EDR event in our hometown location as well as the kick off to a great Adult Faith Formation Weekend with Anne, Fr. Darragh, and the DFOT team.   Check out the AFF details here

Annes May Talk Here…

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May 2014 Anne, a lay apostle to Lay Apostles (Given in Bailieborough, Ireland)   How are you? I’m very happy that God has assembled us today and I have a few thoughts to share with you. Father Darragh and myself just arrived back from America this morning and so now we had a lot of [...]